Wednesday, 5 December 2012

14 Oct 2012 - Standing seat on ITX

Back at Chuncheon Station. I felt I became very tanned by now. It was very cold in the morning but so hot by noon.  That's the consequence of not applying sunblock.  I don't like to use sunblock although I knew I should...

Again, I used the entrance by the side to get to the train platform.

This information was not valid in English.  I wondered what it means.
Something to do with discounted fares??

안녕 춘천..

The lower decker provides a compartment above the seats to put your bags.

I was not sure where is the standing area but I guessed I can stand somewhere around here.
I wonder if these seats cost the same as the normal seats.

ITX makes it so convenient for the cyclists.

Standing area.
There were a few passengers who also bought the standing tickets.  

One of them sat on the floor.  
I told Jae I won't sit on the floor cos its unglam. Hahaha
Perhaps I would, if I am a student.  

Reached Yongsan station at 6.18pm.
 I took the subway to Seoul station becos I missed Lotte Mart ㅋㅋㅋ
All these are my favourites ^^

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