Wednesday, 19 December 2012

16 Oct 2012 - At Samyang Ranch 삼양목장

The shuttle bus travels to the observatory at the peak of the ranch where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire place.  I reached here at 10.45am.  I suggest taking the shuttle bus up all the way to the observatory and take your time to walk down back to the shuttle bus stop.  I think there are a few bus stops on the ranch.  Was it four bus stops? I'm not sure. If you want to give up walking down, you can take the shuttle bus back to the bottom of the ranch.  

I was so happy to be here!

The weather was great and the view was splendid!

It was mid Oct and the place was almost covered with orange foliage ^^

You are the reason why I am here!

The place was much more beautiful than what you see in this picture!

해발 sounds almost the same as its meaning in Mandarin, 海拔.It means height above sea level. says one can watch sunrise from the observation deck.
How to watch the sunrise when the ranch is open at 8am/8.30am?
Nevertheless, I believed it will be awesome to watch sunrise from here.

The day became warmer as it approached noon.

I began my first trail on the ranch.
 It was 11.07am when I started to make my way down.

As I looked around the ranch, I began to worry whether I can walk all the way down back to the shuttle bus stop. The ranch is soooo hugh!

I walked behind this couple but I soon lost sight of them becos I was busy taking pictures.
Yes.  This is a great place to come with your loved ones and friends ^^

Ermmm...This is going to be a long post with almost similar pictures.
I don't care if they bored you becos this is my blog!  Hahahaaa
Nah...I wanna remember my trips as much as I can including all the little details.

Its hot Autumn...I felt I have became more tanned within the past few days!!

Caught sight of them again!

Most of the time, I was on my own but I didn't feel scared.  

Hot Hot Hot Autumn...

Oh! Was that one of the bus stop?
Nope, I will not take the bus. I want to carry on walking.

Heard that this tree was featured in one of the Korean drama which I did not watch.

Hello little friend  ^^

There were so many tiny flies flying around and I was so worried that they will fly right into my nostrils!
Shoo Shoo!!

Some Korean dramas were filmed here.

Be prepared to walk a lot.
Lots of steps and slopes but I enjoyed walking here.
he view was so nice. It would be better if the weather was not so hot ㅋㅋㅋ

Wow...would it be dangerous to walk here?

오모! I think I saw the cows from far ^^
It was 11.47am at this point of time.
Which means I took 40 mins from the observatory to reach here.
I am not sure how much I have travelled but I walked a lot and I walked rather fast..

Not sure how many trails were there on the ranch but I think I covered all becos one trail leads to another.

Suddenly, I saw this little one on my hand!
When was the last time I saw a ladybird?

I like ladybird ^^

Getting nearer to the cows  ^^

Another bus stop for the shuttle bus.

I didn't see any place to buy a drink on the ranch.  Fortunately, they have a vending machine at this bus stop.  It is better to bring your own drinks. Otherwise, you can only get a drink at the cafe or convenient store near the place where you first took the shuttle bus.

980m above sea level.

Although I was making my way down back to the base of the ranch, there were times where I need to go up slope as well.

Downslope again..

In my personal view, the 3 main differences between Yangtae Ranch and Samyang Ranch are :
1) Size - Samyang Ranch is much bigger.
2) Animals - You can see cows, sheep, ostriches on Samyang Ranch. Whereas, there are 
                  only sheep on Yangtae Ranch.
3) Wind Turbines on Samyang Ranch.


안녕 ^^

You can easily guess what animal is next.

Finally, I have reached the base of the ranch..
It was 12.20pm then.  I took a total of 1 hour 13 mins to get back to the base.
No doubt a lot of walking is required but it is still not so bad if you take your time to walk.
Absolutely satisfied with my "workout" today! Hahaaa

너무 예뻐 ^^

More sheep along the way as I made my way to the cafe which is near the shuttle bus stop.  I heard the ice cream is nice and I was looking forward to that ^^  Guess what?  As I walked past some of the Korean visitors, I heard children telling their parents that they wanted to eat ice cream. Hmm!  That shows that the ice cream is really popular ^^

아!  Saw the cafe from a distance!


  1. looking at all of those pix makes me want to visit it too. so pretty !!

  2. Do go! Just take your time to walk. You should be able to complete touring the place in perhaps 2hrs 30mins for average walking speed.

  3. it open all year around ? wonder if it would be more pretty in spring though as it is in autumn.

  4. Hi I would like to ask if it's possible to cover Samyang and Yangtae within the same day? Since they are in the same area?

  5. Hi Juneeta,
    When are you going? Late April till May 2013? I am not sure whether they open throughout the whole year but the shuttle bus operates after 30 April till mid Nov. If there's no shuttle bus available, you will need to walk up allllll the way and down allllll the way. Penat tau

  6. Hi Angelina,
    the big question is whether you can walk so much within a day. If you are the type who enjoy walking or jogging, I think it shdn't be a prob. If not, in my personal opinion, go for Samyang ranch. Its better to take your time to enjoy the surroundings ^^ You will still need to take a cab from one ranch to another but I am not too sure how much that will cost. if you are going for two places, remember to take note of the time for the bus back to Dong Seoul. Which month are you going?

  7. I am ok with walking..i checked on naver map..looks ok by cab but i might be deceived..i am planning to go in late Apr/early May 2013...Samyang looks much more better but i kinda wanna feed the sheeps haha...thanks for your info!

  8. Angelina: Maybe you can arrive early and try Samyang ranch first. If u feel there's still time to tour Yangtae ranch, you can go for it. Do let me know if u tried out these two places by taxi :) Write the names of these two ranches in Korean to show to the taxi uncle. U can ask the taxi uncle how much is the fare between these two places when U are taking the taxi outside the bus terminal. Generally, they can understd what we mean by simple English & hand gestures or u can even write/"draw" on a pc of paper when u ask them. If u go in early May, the shuttle bus at Samyang ranch will be available. Happy planning ^^

  9. Yup planning to do that..i read somewhere that the distance between these 2 places is only 12km..ah i can speak and understand Korean..used to study there for a year so not worried about communication breakdown but more of the time needed.. thank you so much and I'll let you know again once I tried this!

  10. Angelina : U already have an advantage over many people! Yeah, i read about the distance between these two ranches but can't recall where I saw that. Ya, do share your experiences here ^^

  11. I emailed KTO and this was what they gave:

    According to Naver Map, it takes about 30 minutes by car from Daegwallyeong
    Samyang Ranch (삼양목장) to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (양떼목장), and costs
    approximately 14,000 won. There is no public bus service between the two

    Sounds good! =)

  12. Angelina: Woww 14000won sounds cheap for 30mins car ride.The taxi ride from the bus terminal to samyang ranch takes abt 10 mins and I was quoted 12000won(without meter). Do share with me if u have to pay anything higher ㅋㅋㅋ I hope not!