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14 Oct 2012 - A taste of local "Popiah" in Chuncheon

Admiring the canopy of maple leaves as I made my way back to the port.

Wash off all the sand and mud after a hiking trip.

I decided to try out this food at one of the street stall  ^^

Looks like our Popiah back in Singapore.  For the benefit of foreigners, click here for pictures of Popiah.  Popiah is not my favourite food becos I have high standards for delicious popiah Hahahaaa.. Anyway, our popiah has much more fillings compared to this. 

I'm not sure if you can see from this picture. The paper rolls were hung from the top.  Usually they will be provided on the tables.

I ordered one roll to satisfy my curiosity ^^

For some reason, this is my favourite picture for my entire Spring trip 2012.  Hahahaaa...I will not tell you why. Well, I still can't find the exact name for this food but the lady boss told me its a local specialty.  If you know the name of this food, please tell me.  Its a little spicy on its own. The chilli sauce is a bit spicy for my taste buds but its delicious and compliment well with this food.  The roll contains mainly veggies.  As you can see, the fillings are not much. 

I told Jae its a bit costly to pay KRW3000 for it.  It will cost about half the price ie SGD $1.20 ~ $1.50 to buy a roll of popiah from our HDB neighbourhood markets or coffeeshops.  Ahemmm....why do I sound like a miser??!!!  Hahahaa. Nevertheless, I really like this food ^^

*Picture taken by S3.

Saw the ferry from a distance.
Boarded the ferry at 1.10pm.  

*Picture taken by S3 and effect by Instagram.

Got back to the dam at 1.24pm  

didn't have time to tour around the dam becos I wanted to rush for my next destination, Jungdo Island 중도.

Regretted not to spend more time here..
You will see why in my next post..

The place to board bus no.12 is the same as the place where I got off when I reached here.

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