Saturday, 1 December 2012

14 Oct 2012 - My first experience on ITX

My breakfast from Mister Donut ^^
The itinerary for the day was to take the ITX to 춘천 Chuncheon, and visit Soyang Dam 소양호, Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사, Chuncheon Myeongdong & Jungdo Island 중도.
Hmmm...I wonder if I can visit all these places in one day.
Actually, Chuncheon was not in my plan but I wanted to experience the upper deck of ITX.
Strange as it may sounds. I wanted to experience the journey more than the destination! Hahahaa. Well, becos I went to Chuncheon in package tour 
many years ago . 

For some reason, I brought forward my trip to Chuncheon 춘천. If you have read my earlier post, I have already exchange all my train tickets on my first day when I reached Korea. No additional fees incurred if you bring forward your departure date or time. Additional fees will be imposed if you change your departure time or day to a later date or time.

Not sure if I can access to the platform for ITX by using the usual entrance for other trains but I saw a different entrance for ITX. I simply walk in without tapping any card cos I didn't have any card to tap for ITX.

좌석번호 (Seat no.)
My seat no. was 15A

Hehehee...excited ^^

Great! I got the window seat to enjoy the view ^^
I asked KTO(Singapore) how should I tell the counter staff in Korean that I wanted a seat on the upper deck.
The reply was, "2증석 주세요".
Actually, the counter staff can also understand some simple English.

The seats can be rotated but I didn't do it unless I'm travelling with a group of friends.

I mean no offence to take this picture secretly but I was amazed by the Korean culture!
The moment everyone settled down on their seats,
they took out their food to share with each other.
How nice!
Seems like this group of Koreans are going on a hiking trip together.
I was astonished when I saw them taking out food and chopsticks.
Yeah, I forgot I am in Korea!  Hahaha
I will never see this in Singapore.
They need no rules or regulations to discipline them not to litter.
I noticed they kept all their rubbish in a bag after they are done with their food.
 Well done.

Trying hard to stay awake becos I wanted to see the nice scenery offered along the Gyeongchun Line. Well, the nice scenery only appear after Gapyeong station(I think).

Guess what???
Suddenly, I realised I forgot to bring the extra battery for my camera AGAIN!!!


  1. hi sorry can i check how to select the upper deck on the ITX on korail website?I tried to do a reservation but ii wasn't given an option anywhere to select the upper deck...thank you loads in advance! :)

    1. Hi. U are right. There is no option to choose the seats online. I told the counter staff my seat preference when I exchange the e ticket at the counter.