Sunday, 2 June 2013

11th April 2013 - Getting back to Jeju Si from 성산항 Seongsan Port many people and cars.
It took about 15 mins to reach 성산항 Seongsan Port.
I reached the port at 4.18pm.
Should be able to make it in time for my bus back to Jeju si ^^
It was not difficult to locate the bus stop.

The arrow is pointing to the bus stop but that is not the bus stop for me.
There is another bus stop opposite this one in the picture.
Just walk straight after you disembark from the ferry.
Was that 성선일줄봉 Seongsan Ilchulbong in the background?

Saw the two bus stops?
And was that the bus I should be taking?!
I was not sure but made a dash for it anyway!

Yeap!  This is the bus back to Jeju Si.
So the bus stop is the one on the right, okie ^^
I confirmed with the bus driver again when I boarded the bus.
Yes Yes. Double confirmed. Its correct.  Hahahaha

Boarded the bus at 4.22pm. The fare was KRW3000.
The bus left at 4.25pm sharp.
The next bus departing for Jeju si will arrive at 5.20pm...

This bus stop where I boarded my bus, is called 성산포항 종합여객터미널Seongsanpo Passenger Terminal.

The opposite bus stop has a signage like this..
Hmmm...buses from here go back to Jeju si as well?
Well, I am not sure.
You have to check and make sure before you board the bus.

Ehhh....took this photo out of curiousity when I was on the bus.
I don't know about the vehicle numbering system in Korea but was curious to see the word "서울" on Jeju island. 

About 5 mins later, the bus passed by 성선일줄봉 Seongsan Ilchulbong! It was the same bus stop where George and I have alighted previously. At 5.07pm,the bus passed by 산굼부리 Sangumburi CraterThis time, it was the bus stop opposite Sangumburi entrance.

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