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14th April 2013 - Hotels around Suncheon Bus Terminal

To get to 가천 다랭이마을 Daraengi Village, I will need to take a bus to Suncheon Bus Terminal. From Suncheon Bus Terminal, I will take another bus to Namhae Bus Terminal. From Namhae Bus Terminal, I will need to take a village bus to 가천 다랭이마을 Daraengi Village. 

I took a taxi to Yeocheon Bus Terminal for my bus to Suncheon Bus Terminal. 

Bus fare to Suncheon Bus Terminal cost KRW3100.

The bus arrived at 8.13am and departed at 8.15am.

The bus stopped at Suncheon station at 8.38am, and reached the bus terminal at 8.42am. Hmm...I did not notice the bus actually stopped at the train station on my previous trip to Suncheon.  Remember to get ready your bus ticket when you alight. 

There are only four timing from Suncheon to Namhae.
I took the early bus becos I wanted to catch the first bus to Namhae. 

Bus fare was KRW6200.

I still have some time since the bus departs at 9.20am.
Hence, I decided to check out the surroundings of the bus terminal.

Motel BMW is in front of the bus terminal. 

Hotel Brown
Sun Hotel is behind the bus terminal.

Hub Hotel.

There are quite a few hotels/motels around Suncheon Bus Terminal but most of them do not have an English website. Ok, its time to make my way back to the bus terminal.

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