Sunday, 30 June 2013

14th April 2013 - 대구탕 for dinner

Decided to have dinner at one of the eateries near my hotel. Took a taxi from Yeocheon Bus Terminal back to my hotel. Went to the convenient store to buy some hot beverages and something caught my attention. 아이스크림 케이크 Ice cream cake!! They actually sell a whole ice cream cake in a convenient store! That's so convenient and its cheap! 어떻게? 어떻게? 난 아이스크림 케익을 좋아...I quickly left the convenient store before I buy it on impulse.

It was a Sunday evening. Surprisingly, most of the shops and eateries were closed!!  왜??
I finally settled on this eatery after walking round the place for 15 mins...

Tried my best to take this picture discreetly without disturbing them.

The staff showed me the menu for one person.
I ordered 대구탕.  

I am always delighted to see so many 반찬 ^^

A little spicy though ㅎㅎ

이 무엇입니까???
Looks scary but it was quite chewy and does not have any smell.
I am not an expert in fish.
Overall, the soup was very tasty and the fish was very fresh.
Afterall, seafood is one of Yeosu speciality.
It was my last night in Yeosu and I was happy to have tried their seafood ^^

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