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12th April 2013 - Some interesting encounters on my returned trip to Yeosu Bus Terminal

I saw bus no.113 from a distance and made a dash for it.
However, it was not time for it to start its journey yet.
The bus driver was cleaning up the bus and taking a toilet break.
It got colder as evening approached.

It was 5.20pm when I reached the bus stop.
According to this timetable, bus no.113 should be leaving at 5.50pm.

Walking around as I waited for the bus.

One 아줌마 came along before 5.50pm and asked the bus driver something. The bus driver allowed her to get on the bus. I went up to the bus driver and asked if this is the bus to Yeosu Bus Terminal. He nodded his head and allowed me to get on the bus as well. I think the fare was KRW1600. It felt so much better to be waiting in the bus becos it was getting cold out there. The bus left at 5.50pm sharp. The bus passed by the village. It was a beautiful place. I could have seen more of the village by walking down the road and take the bus at the next stop.

Not long after, an elderly man got on the bus using this door entrance. He was carrying a few big bags of vegetables and somebody was helping him to load the bags of vegetables onto the bus. I think there were at least 6 bags of vegetables and they looked heavy. Oh dear, how is he going to carry these bags later on? He placed the bags of vegetables along the passageway. Is this his usual routine? Hang on there 할아버지!

I did not mean to be rude to take his pictures but I just wanna capture the lifestyle of a villager. Although 할아버지 had no choice but to place his bags of vegetables along the passageway, none of the passengers uttered a word of dismay. Anyone who just board the bus did not look surprised or annoyed. Just when I was wondering how is he going to unload his vegetables, a young chap took the initiative to lend him a helping hand when 할아버지 wanted to alight the bus. It was a heartwarming scene to me at least..

A beautiful place..

Sorry for the poor image.  I took the picture from the bus.
 That was a river beside the road!

Where does it flows to?

I was glad that I took the window seat on the left ^^

Waa!!  Like this also can ah??

This is the first time I saw so many utensils and tools on the road!

At 6.30pm, the bus passed by the 돌산대교 Dolsan Bridge. Oh! Dolsan Seafood Town is nearby. I thought of getting off here but I decided not to becos it should be pretty cold out there especially when night falls. Sigh...I wish I can see the bridge at night. 

I did not get off the bus but I am still on 돌산대교 Dolsan Bridge ㄱㄱㄱ

I hope to be back in Yeosu once again. 

Suddenly, there was English announcement on the bus as it got nearer to the Yeosu Bus Terminal. However, the surroundings was too noisy for me to hear the names of the bus stops. Anyway, the annoucements of the bus stops suddenly stopped again. All I can say is, keep a look out for Yeosu Bus Terminal when the bus passed by here. Take the mountain as the landmark. I was sitting on the left and Yeosu Bus Terminal is on my right.  

Thank goodness I did not miss the stop ^^
I reached here at 6.50pm.
From this bus stop, I will need to take bus no. 88 or 89 back to my hotel.

There was still some time before the arrival of bus no. 88 and 89.
Hence, I went into the bus terminal to check out the bus schedules to Suncheon/Boseong.
I couldn't see it, so I quickly took a picture and went back to the bus stop. 

I boarded bus no. 89 at 6.56pm. It was getting dark. I got worried becos I was not sure where to alight!! I tried to stay alert and managed to identify my bus stop. I made the right choice by taking the left seat again becos it allowed me to identify the hotels from far. Was the bus stop named as "주유소 LG Gas Station" as well? I think so cos I heard something "LG" Hahahahaaa Crossed the road to get to my hotel. 

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