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12th April 2013 - Taking bus to 향일암 Hyangiram Hermitage

Directions given by the hotel receptionist to get to 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage. The pink circle is where B&BEACH Tourist Hotel is located. The yellow circle is the 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus terminal. The orange circle is 여천역 Yeocheon Station. This station is nearer to my hotel. There are two train stations in Yeosu. The train stations are 여수역엑스포 Yeosu Expo Station and 여천역 Yeocheon Station. 여수역엑스포 Yeosu Expo Station is not captured in this picture.  

There are also two bus terminals in Yeosu. They are 여천시외버스정류장 Yeocheon Intercity Bus Terminal and 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus terminal. It is always confusing whenever I research for the bus terminals and train stations in Korea. 

In this case, the names on the internet indicate Yeocheon Bus Terminal 여천터미널 but this map indicates Yeocheon Bus Terminal as 여천시외버스정류장 Yeocheon Central Bus Terminal. The Internet shows 여수공용버스터미널 Yeosu Bus Terminal but the map shows 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus Terminal. 
Haiii. They are actually the same. To make things simple, I will just tell the taxi driver "여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal" or "여수터미널 Yeosu Bus Terminal". The main difference is YEOSU and YEOCHEON.
Again, the pink circle is where B&BEACH Tourist Hotel is located. The orange circle is 여천역 Yeocheon Station and the purple circle is Yeocheon Bus Terminal 여천터미널.

My first bus ride in Yeosu ^^
Got on bus no.89 at 2.17pm. The bus fare was KRW1100.

I was a bit nervous becos I was not sure when to alight. Hence, I was very happy when I saw Emart. I think there was English announcement in the bus on the current and next stop. Did I have to tap my T-money when I got off?  Ehh..I think so. Reached 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus Terminal at 2.39pm. The bus journey took about 22mins. 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus Terminal is across the road. EMart is located opposite the 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus Terminal. 

If I did not remember wrongly, the brown colour building on the left is Emart.
This is the bus stop where I got off from bus no. 89.

There are many bus routes and timetables at this stop.
I only took pictures of a few stops.

I have to take bus no. 111, 113 or 116 to 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage which is the last stop on the route.

Keeping a look out for the arrival time of my bus.
However, this screen did not reflect the timing for bus no. 111, 113 or 116  *Panick
I began to worry if it will be too late for me to visit 
향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage.
Should I visit 오동도 Odongdo Island instead?
Suddenly, the time for bus no.111 popped up on the screen!
4 mins before the bus arrived! Phew...
Hmmm...Spent 35mins waiting for my bus...

Here we are! I got on bus no.111 at 3.15pm and reached this bus stop for 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage at 4.10pm. The bus ride took 55 mins. The bus driver drove quite fast along the winding roads and that made me giddy. Dangerous bus driver...haii...

향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage is the last stop on the bus route. At the foot of Hyangiram is Impo Village 임포마을, which comprised of restaurants and motels, that overlooks the South Sea. Impo Village is just a few steps away from this bus stop.

Take note of the bus timetable before making your way up to 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage.

The bus timetable is a few steps away from the bus stop.
I took the bus at the same bus stop for my returned trip.

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