Sunday, 2 June 2013

11th April 2013 - 성게미역국 Sea urchin roe soup for dinner ^^

The bus reached Jeju City Bus Terminal at 5.52pm. It was my last night in I thought of having my dinner at one of the popular local restaurant, 유리네 Yurineh. I took a taxi from the bus terminal at 5.55pm. I think 유리네 is quite well known in Jeju becos my hotel manager and the taxi uncle knew the place when I asked them about it.

Here we are. Reached 유리네 at 6.08pm.
It could be faster if not for the slight traffic jam. The taxi fare was KRW4400.

Testimonials begin the moment I stepped into the restaurant.

Trying my best to take pictures without disturbing the rest of the customers.

From wall to ceiling, the entire restaurant is filled with testimonials.

There are Japanese, English and Chinese translation on the menu.

Yummy!  성게미역국 Sea urchin roe soup  ^^
This is what I wanted to eat becos it is one of the local specialty.
The brown color thing above the rice was fish.
 It tasted good but too many small bones.

Satisfying dinner at KRW9000 ^^

Operating hour is 9am till 9pm but not sure if they are closed on certain days of the week. I thought of coming here for breakfast before my flight in the next morning, but it will be very rushing for me. I requested the lady at the cashier point to call a taxi for me. The taxi arrived within 3 mins. I got on the taxi at 6.52pm and reached my hotel at 7.03pm. The fare was KRW3800.

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