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14th April 2013 - Getting to 남해 버스 터미널 Namhae Bus Terminal

Here's my bus to 남해 Namhae.
This time, the bus driver collected my ticket when I got on the bus.
The bus departed at 9.20am sharp.

Ermmm..If I did not remember wrongly, this is 광양 버스 터미널 Gwangyang Bus Terminal.
The bus reached Gwangyang Bus Terminal at 9.35am and departed shortly. 

This hotel is beside the bus terminal.

광양 시장 Gwangyang market is near the bus terminal.

Reached Namhae Bus Terminal at 10.40am.
The bus ride from Suncheon to Namhae took 1 hour 20mins.
I told the counter staff "가천 다랭이마을 Daraengi Village" and she issued me with a ticket.

The bus ticket cost KRW2500. No time reflected on the ticket but the lady told me the next bus departs at 10.55am. Great!! I made it in time ^^ Online information shows that the local bus to the village runs 18 times a day with travelling time of 30-40mins. This mean frequent bus interval isn't it?  Well, that was not the case for my return trip.

Taking note of the bus schedule for my return trip.
There are also only 4 bus timings from Namhae to Suncheon.
I aimed to get back to Namhae Bus Terminal by 1.45pm for the bus departing at 2pm.

As usual, I took pictures of the bus timetable.
Is this the timetable for the local village bus?
From this time table, it is true that the bus to the village (가천) runs 18 times a day.
I should have asked the counter staff for a timetable for the return trip back to the bus terminal.
A mistake made.  Well, there might not be one but I could have asked.  

This might be useful for those getting to 서울 Seoul.

This should be the timetable for those getting to 진주 Jinju and 부산 Busan.

Found my bus at platform no. 8.

Here's my bus to Daraengee village in Gachon 가천. It departed at 10.55am sharp. I saw a traditonal market outside the bus terminal. Maybe I can check out the market if I have time later on.  
I saw something interesting on the bus. Any guess?  Well, I don't remember seeing a machine to tap the bus card on the bus. There was also no coin machine to return change. The bus driver actually give change by hand to the passengers!!  Perhaps this is only applicable to village buses. I can't imagine any city bus drivers looking for change. They will be very busy and the bus journey would probably be delayed. 
Remember to get ready your ticket or bus fare ready when you are getting off the bus. Yes, you heard me right. You paid the cash as you alight.  This is so unusual to me ㅎㅎ

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