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13th April 2013 - Lovely Suncheonman Bay ^^

Queuing up for my ticket ^^
I reached here at about 3pm.


어린 소년은 누나가 사진을 찍고 싶어 ㄱㄱㄱ
There were so many people and it was hard to take pictures of the scenery without having people in the background. 

Where is this "train" travelling to?  

I think boat rides are available when the tide is in. I thought of taking the boat when I was planning my itinerary but I changed my mind when I saw the walking trails ^^

I am here!!
Can't believe that I am really here at 순천만.
Can't believe the view laid out in front of me.

Muddy water but the place does not smell at all.
Credit goes to the reeds that purifies the water effectively.

I love this walking trail ^^

Yes. You must visit the 욘산정망대 Yongsan Observatory.
A trip to 순천만 Suncheonman is not complete if you did not check out the Yongsan Observatory.
Actually, I did not research much about this place but I just followed the walking trail.  

Oh, pardon me for my ignorance.
I didn't know that reeds have flowers too.

What is their true color?

Keep on walking to Yongsan Observatory.

Here comes the slope.
At certain point, the slope can be a bit steep but manageable.

This hike proved to be more tiring for me becos of the weight I was carrying from the souvenirs that I bought at the green tea plantation...

Just keep on walking until you see this sign.
Errmmmm..."The Hard Road"??  
No thanks.  It was "hard" enough for me already.
Yongsan Observatory is still 1km away...
It seemed like a never ending road to me..
Not becos of the distance but becos of my heavy haversack ㅠㅠ

View along the way ^^

At last!!
네. I have reached Yongsan Observatory ^^  

Couldn't recall how long I took to reach here though..

Omgg...These photographers basically occupied half of the platform.
I think they are waiting for sunset which was about 2 hours away????

Luckily, there was some space left for the rest of the visitors to take pictures  -__-

Awesome view.
Suncheonman bay was truly an amazing place. Never thought I could be here one day. Now I understand why the observatory is the perfect spot to observe the S-shaped waterway of Suncheonman Bay and the reed fields that surround it.

Oh! There is a lower deck as well ^^
Well, it was time to make my way back to the bus stop...

I took about 2 hours 10 mins to check out the place.
 I think it would be better if you can set aside about 3 hours to tour this place.

I bought a drink from the cafeteria near the entrance and got back to the bus stop at about 5.18pm. Ooppsss..which side of the bus stop should I take? I think I took the bus for my return trip on the left side as shown by the arrow. Many people were waiting at the bus stop on the right. However, when bus no. 67 arrived on the left side, everyone went over to the left. We checked with the bus driver. Yes. It was the bus back to Suncheon Bus Terminal. I boarded the bus at 5.25pm.

I think both sides of the bus stops have the same signage...
Just check with the bus driver when you board the bus.

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