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12th April 2013 - Hotels nearby B&Beach Tourist Hotel

I am officially in Yeosu ^^
Very good weather that day. Cool and sunny ^^

B&Beach Tourist Hotel is one of the hotel facing the lake. Unfortunately, I was not given a room with lake view. Quite tempted to ask them to change my room since most of the rooms on the same level as mine were unoccupied during my stay. After settling down, I proceed to the first attraction on my itinerary in Yeosu ie 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage. I checked with the friendly receptionists how to get there from the hotel. The receptionists were quite young and able to speak simple English.

Here's a brief introduction to the hotel surroundings before I set off. I have difficultiies to get information and reviews of hotels in English when I was looking for accommodations in Yeosu and Suncheon. Hence, I took some pictures of the hotel surroundings just in case it might be of some help to anyone out there.

Narsha hotel is beside 해비치 Hea Beach Hotel but not captured in this picture.
I walked towards Narsha Hotel and turned left for my bus stop.

1) Sun House Hotel
2) B&Beach Tourist Hotel
3) 프랑스 France Hotel 
4) Benikea Hotel 
5) Fre-Fre Family Restaurant 
6) 자이모텔 Luxury Motel 
7) Bellagio Tourist Hotel 
8) Hill House Hotel 
9) 해비치 Hae Beach Hotel 
10) Narsha Hotel 
11) 프라다 모텔 Prada Motel 
12) 아일랜드모텔 Island Motel 
13) MK Motel 
14) Caffe Bene 
15) 24 hours 감자탕 Gamjatang restaurant 
16) GS25 Convenient Store 
17) Petrol Station 
18) Flower mart 
19) Bus Stop - 주유소 LG Gas Station. 
20) Bus Stop

This is a general layout based on my memories. Although there are quite a number of eateries but most of them did not seemed to be opened when I was looking for FOOD on a sunday evening. I was very happy to see a 24 hours 감자탕 Gamjatang restaurant  becos Gamjatang is one of my favourite Korean food ^^ I hope they have one person serving. The walking trail in this layout is a small hill with some walking trails. I did not really explore it though. The blue color patch is the lake ㄱㄱㄱ
No. 19 is the bus stop where I can take bus no, 88 or 89 to 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus terminal. This bus stop is called, "주유소 LG Gas Station". From Yeosu Central Bus Terminal, I will need to change to bus no, 111, 113 or 116 for 향일암, Hyangiram Hermitage. No. 20 is the opposite bus stop where I will alight for my returned trip.

자이모텔 Luxury Motel

Bellagio Tourist Hotel

Hill House seemed to be under construction when I was there.
Woww....Love the balcony although I am scared of height! Hahahaa
It would be lovely to see the view from the balcony.

해비치 Hae Beach Hotel

Narsha Hotel

송승헌 ^^
Hahahahaaa...He is my all time favourite!!
There will always be a few taxis waiting around here.

24 Hours 감자탕 Gamjatang restaurant ^^
Wait up for me for dinner tonight!!

Its good to see a convenient store near the hotels ^^

I bought my Mybi card from the convenient store. You have to tell the cashier that you wanna top up the card as well. I think I still use my T-money in Yeosu. So why did I buy a Mybi card? I emailed to KTO prior to my trip and was told that T-money is accepted on buses in Yeosu and Boseong, but not in Namhae or Suncheon. I had a Mybi card from my previous trip to Busan but I could not find it so I bought another one here.

From Dynamic Busan, it was mentioned that the service regions for Mybi card include Busan, Gwangju, Ulsan, Gangwon-do (Wonju, Chuncheon), Gyeongsangnam-do (Masan, Changwon, Jinhae, Jinju, Yangsan, Milyang, Gimhae), Gyeongsangbuk-do (Gyeongju, Gumi, Gimcheon, Gyeongsan), Jeollanam-do (Naju, Damyang, Boseong, Hwasun, Mokpo, Suncheon, Yeosu, Gwangyang, Jangseong, Hampyeong), Jeollabuk-do, Chungcheongnam-do, Chungcheongbuk-do City Railroad and Bus.

From KTO, it mentioned that the service regions for T-money include Seoul, Gyeonggi-do Province (all) / Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu, Ulsan, Busan / Gangwon-do Province (Chuncheon, Wonju, Gangneung) / Chungcheongnam-do Province (all) / Chungceongbuk-do Province (Chungju, Jecheon, and 9 counties) / Jeollanam-do Province (Mokpo, Yeosu, Gwangyang, Naju, and 7 counties) / Jeollabuk-do Province (Jinan, Imsil, Buan, and 7 counties), Gyeongsangnam-do Province (Changwon, Tongyeong, Geoje, and 5 cities & counties), Gyeongsangbuk-do Province (Pohang, Andong, Gyeongju, and 7 cities & counties) / Jeju Island.

Pass the convenient store and you will see this petrol station.
The bus stop as shown by the arrow.

The bus stop is right in front of a flower mart.
It took me about 5mins from B&Beach Tourist Hotel to reach here.

The flower mart behind the bus stop.

I can take either bus no. 88 or 89 to 여수종합버스터미널 Yeosu Central Bus terminal.
I noticed the intervals for these two buses are rather frequent.

현위치 means something like "You are here". The bus route for bus no. 88 and 89 are almost similar. I realised there is an Intercity Bus Terminal on the bus route but I did not alight there becos the hotel receptionist told me to alight at 이마트 Emart.

This bus stop is 주유소 LG Gas Station.

A side track.
No. 11 is 프라다 모텔 Prada Motel according to my layout.
It is behind Sun House Hotel. No lake view from this Motel.

No.12,아일랜드모텔 Island Motel.

No.13, MK Motel.

Oh! There is a mini mart but I did not check it out.

Some shops and eateries.

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