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13th April 2013 - Getting back to Yeocheon Bus Terminal

Saw something interesting when I was travelling on bus no. 67 back to Suncheon Bus Terminal. Any idea what is that?  It is a machine to dispense change to the passengers! Oh dear, am I being ignorant???  I thought this is cool ㅎㅎㅎ

I reached the bus stop, "Suncheon Bus Terminal" at about 5.43pm. There was a very long queue to buy tickets and I was worried that I will miss my bus. Well, my worries were unfounded becos the bus intervals to Yeocheon/Yeosu were very frequent. I bought my bus ticket back to Yeocheon instead of Yeosu becos Yeocheon Bus Terminal is nearer to my hotel. The bus back to Yeocheon is available at gate 5 or 7. There was no time stated on the bus ticket. I guess that was due to the frequent bus intervals from Suncheon to Yeocheon/Yeosu. Thus, one can just hopped on to the next bus available. I asked the counter staff when is the next bus departing. He told me the next bus back to Yeocheon leaves at 6pm. 

Great! I still have less than 10mins to buy my Isaac sandwich!
I had been thinking about it the whole day ㄱㄱㄱ
Ermmm..but the menu is all in hangul and I need time to go through it ㅎㅎㅎ

To save time, I simply ordered the basic sandwich, ie Ham & Cheese ^^
It cost KRW2000.  Yum Yum ^^

好吃, 好吃, 真好吃. 

Looking for my bus.

I saw the word "여수" written on the bus. I asked the bus driver whether is this the bus back to Yeocheon Bus Terminal. He confirmed with me by asking, "롯데 마트 Lotte Mart?" 예. I nodded my head and he told me to get on the bus. 감사합니다 ^^ Lotte Mart is a good landmark to identify the difference between Yeocheon and Yeosu Bus Terminal, becos Lotte Mart is near to Yeocheon Bus Terminal, whereas Emart is near to Yeosu Bus Terminal.

Spacious seatings ^^

The bus stopped outside 롯데 마트 Lotte Mart.  The bus ride took about 30 mins.
The bus driver will announce the stop, so stay alert.  

I went to Lotte Mart buy some snacks ^^

Yeocheon Bus Terminal is opposite Lotte Mart. There were many taxis waiting outside Lotte Mart. I took a taxi back to my hotel since there was no bus to reach my hotel from here. Again, I had to tell the taxi driver, "Tiffany Hotel 티파니관광호텔" instead of B&Beach becos B&Beach Tourist Hotel was previously known as Tiffany Hotel.

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