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13th April 2013 - From 여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal to 보성버스 터미널 Boseong Bus Terminal

I took a taxi to 여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal after breakfast. This building is 롯데 마트 Lotte Mart. It is opposite Yeocheon Bus Terminal. Lotte Mart is located near 여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal, while Emart is located near 여수터미널 Yeosu Bus Terminal. The taxi ride from the B&Beach Tourist Hotel to Yeocheon Bus Terminal took only 5 mins and the fare was KRW3400. Actually, my mind was thinking of taking a bus from 여수터미널 Yeosu Bus Terminal to Boseong. However, I don't know why I told the taxi driver that I wanted to go to 여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal. Therefore, I was so surprised when I reached here. Firstly, it looked different from the bus terminal that I saw yesterday and secondly, it was so fast to reach here! By the way, the hotel receptionist told me there is no bus from the hotel to reach 여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal.  
Disclaimer: All information given in this blog is as of the time during my visit.   

I took the easy way out by approaching the counter staff instead of going through this bus timetable ㄱㄱㄱ
Told the staff that I wanted a ticket to 보성 Boseong.
She could speak simple English ^^

여천터미널 Yeocheon Bus Terminal.
The bus terminal has only one common bus bay, where everyone waits for their bus here.
The ticket counter is inside the building.

Here comes my bus. I identified the bus by the destinations reflected on the LED screen. Most of the destinations were stated in Korean but I also notice some buses do not have clear indication of their destinations. You can confirm again by asking the bus driver.

Very few passengers.
The bus driver did not ask for my ticket when I got on the bus.

The bus fare was KRW9400.
The bus set off at 8.45am instead of 8.42am. There are two stops along the bus journey from Yeosu to Boseong. The first stop is Suncheon Bus Terminal 순천버스터미널 and followed by Beolgyo Bus Terminal 벌교버스터미널(Hope I got it right becos I could not see the name of the bus terminal). The bus reached Suncheon Bus Terminal at 9.13am to pick up passengers and drove off at 9.30am. It reached Beolgyo Bus Terminal at 9.56am and drove off 2 mins later.  

I reached Boseong Bus Terminal 보성버스 터미널 at 10.25am.
The bus journey from Yeocheon Bus Terminal to Boseong Bus Terminal took 1 hour 40mins. Remember to get your ticket ready when you alight the bus becos the bus driver will collect your bus ticket when you alight. 

As usual, I take note of the bus timetable so that I can plan my time for the returned trip.

Ehmmm....this is not applicable to me.
 Just in case, anyone out there needs it.

Bus timetable to the green tea plantation.

A close up.
Oopss...I missed the bus that departs at 10.30am and the next bus is at 
11.15am ㅠㅠ

More pictures since I had already missed the bus. 

Not sure where to take the bus to the tea planation but I think it should be at the corner ie opposite the green bus.

Walk out of the bus terminal and you will see a lot of taxi on your left.
Yes, I decided to take a taxi becos 순천만 Suncheonman is waiting for me ㄱㄱㄱ

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