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12th April 2013 - 비앤비치 관광 호텔 B&Beach Tourist Hotel

The flight journey took about 45 mins. I spent some time making enquiries at the Information counter. The Korean lady at the information counter can speak simple English and was very helpful with all my questions. Suncheon Bay Garden Expo will be held from 20 April 2013 till 20 Oct 2013. An information counter for the expo was set up at Yeosu Airport. However, the Korean lady at this information counter can hardly speak or understand English. She was smiling and nodding her head but didn't really understand what I was saying. Sigh...
I will be in Yeosu for only three days two nights.  During these three days, I will check out Namhae, Suncheon and Boseong. Yeah, its a short stay but my main purpose is to visit Boseong Tea Plantation and Suncheon Bay. I can get to Boseong/Suncheon either by Gwangju or Yeosu. Since Namhae is nearer to Yeosu and I have a place in Namhae to visit, I decided to stay in Yeosu. Actually, it will be more convenient to stay in Suncheon but it was hard to find accommodation that has an English website. 
Usually, I prefer to make my reservation through hotel's website and pre-book everything before my trips. This time, I booked my hotel via Agoda. My accommodation in Yeosu is B & Beach Tourist Hotel 비앤비치 관광 호텔.  Prior to my trip, I emailed to the hotel( to ask how to get to the hotel by bus. The reply was," If you take a bus, you have to go to Ssangbong Sageori. I think if you take a bus, difficult for you. You had better take a taxi. If you take a taxi from Yeosu Airport, maybe fare is 10000~15000won."

Took a taxi at 12.57pm. Reached 1.10pm.
The taxi fare was KRW11000.
Although I wrote B&Beach Tourist Hotel in hangul ie 비앤비치 관광 호텔 but the taxi driver did not know where it was. He checked with the fellow taxi drivers waiting in the queue, came back shortly and said "Okie!" 
The reason was because B & Beach Tourist Hotel used to be called Tiffany Hotel 티파니관광호텔. Hence, they will know the place instantly if you tell them, "Tiffany Hotel" instead of "B & Beach Tourist Hotel".

Checked in was fast and easy.
The doors for all the unoccupied rooms were opened.
This is my first time to encounter this.

Perhaps occupancy rate is not high and this is a good way not to have a stale smell in the room.

Heheehee...I can use my essential oil again ^^
I think the lights will go off automatically after some time.
It frightened me when the lights went off while I was having my shower.
I managed to stay calm though...

The length of the TV is longer than my arm.

I adore full length mirror but I don't like it to face the bed....

I spent less than SGD $80 per night for this room ^^
By the way, I found the hotel's website after I made my reservation.

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