Tuesday, 11 June 2013

12th April 2013 - First dinner in Yeosu

Remember the 24 hours 감자탕 Gamjatang restaurant I mentioned in my earlier post?
Yes! I went to this restaurant for dinner ^^

Unfortunately, the waitress told me they do not serve Gamjatang in single serving.
So so sad...
I asked the waitress if they used beef in their 해장국 Haejangguk.
She went to check with her senior and came back to tell me, "No beef. Pig."
Okie 알아 ^^
I always thought 해장국 is cooked using beef broth.
Hence, I ordered 해장국.

So many people..

Turns out to be a great choice afterall!!
This was one of the best Korean food I ever ate!!

She is soooo cute! 진짜 귀엽다 ^^
She looked at me, stretched out her hands and cried out. 
She wants my 해장국 ?? Or she wants my camera?? 
I stretched out my hand to her and she came crawling to me. 
Her mother realised that her baby was crawling away from her.
She stopped her but the baby cried out even louder.

Her mother told her to do the heartshape "사랑 해요" over her head.
 She really did it!!  And she did not it once but thrice  ^^
So so cuteeee ^^

Can I bring her back to Spore??

It was a satisfying meal but I went back to my hotel for snack time hur hur

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