Sunday, 16 June 2013

13th April 2013 - Lunch at 보성녹차밭

1) 녹차 비빔밥 - Green Tea Bibimbap
2) 녹차 냉면 - Green Tea Cold Noodle
3) 녹차 자장면 - Green Tea Jajangmyeon
4) 녹차 자장밥 - Green Tea Jajangbap
5) 녹차돈가스 - Green Tea Tongkatsu
6) 녹차공기밥 - Green Tea Rice

I like 돈가스 but I wanted to eat 비빔밥 ...Hurr....its a tough decision. Hahahaa

Self service. 

냅킨 Napkin is placed at a centralised area instead on individual table.

I settled on 녹차 비빔밥 Green Tea Bibimbap.
Mmmmm....There is a slight green tea aroma in the rice ^^

I think there was no meat in the bibimbap, which is absolutely fine for me. A Korean girl about the age of 5 years old came to my table, and smiled at me when I was eating. She greeted me with a big smile and said, "안녕하세요". She stood there and looked at me for a while. Went back to her grandparents and came back again. I don't know why she kept coming back to me. Her grandparents also laughed at her. Hmmm...super good luck must be coming my way *wink

Not bad.
No more green tea aroma once you mixed the rice and veggies together with 
고추장 Guchujang.

Next, is dessert time!

Many people said this is a must when you visit the green tea plantation. Well, I love green tea anyway. This green tea ice cream was nice ^^ Did I paid KRW2000 for it? I think so. The taxi uncle who drove me to the tea plantation, gave me his namecard before I got off the taxi. I called him when I was making my way out to the carpark. I did not have to say much or speak in perfect Korean(though I can't as well hahaa), but he knew its me hahahaa. I think I told him, "안녕하세요, I need a taxi from Nokchapat 녹차밭 to Boseong Bus Terminal 보성버스 터미널." and he arrived within 10 mins. There is a bus going back to the bus terminal but time was running out, so I took a taxi instead. I got on his taxi at 12.35pm and reached Boseong Bus Terminal at 12.45pm. The taxi fare runs on meter and cost KRW9400 this time.

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