Thursday, 6 June 2013

12th April 2013 - My brunch at Jeju airport

Flying off to Yeosu today. My flight is at 11.15am and I checked out at about 9.15am. I requested the lady boss to call a taxi for me to the airport.  Guess what?  The next thing I knew, was Mr Park taking my luggage to his car and told me to get on his car! He said this is service. 정말 감사합니다 ^^

Korean Air is the only airline that fly from Jeju to Yeosu.

Sad to say good bye to beautiful Jeju island but look forward to Yeosu!

Hungry Hungry!  Cos I have not taken my breakfast...
Settled on this Korean restaurant. 

I ordered 전복죽 Abalone Porridge again cos I was not satisfied with the one that I had on my second day  in Jeju. This was nicer but still not the taste that I had many years ago...The abalone pieces were yummy but not enough!  Hahaaa Was it KRW12000? Can't remember..

There is also a foodcourt, Lotteria and another Korean restaurant beside the Korean restaurant that I went to.

Looks like there are more varieties at the food court.

The abalone porridge is cheaper at the food court.
I wanted to say bye to 춘희언니 but she was not at the information counter.

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