Sunday, 16 June 2013

13th April 2013 - My wish fulfilled at last ^^

I took the taxi at 10.43am and reached the tea plantation at 10.53am. Taxi fare was KRW9500. Many bloggers said the fare jumped drastically and it was indeed true. I noticed the taxi fare starts from KRW3000. Whereas in Yeosu, it starts from KRW2800 and in Jeju, it starts from KRW2000.

So excited!!
Cos this has always been the top few places in Korea that I wanted to visit very much. Thanks to the drama, "Summer Scent". 
Hahahaaa that's right. 
That was like a decade ago but the beautiful scenery sank deep into my mind. I knew this will not be the time to catch the best view of the plantation but I am very grateful and happy to be here! 

Woww...Cherry Blossom tree?  Its beautiful ^^

It stands out prominently.

Get your admission ticket here.
If I did not remember wrongly, there is a cafe beside this ticket office.


So so happy to be here!
Many bloggers mentioned about this two rows of trees ^^

Simply follow the direction to "녹차밭"  ie Green Tea Field.
I think 대나무숲 refers to the Bamboo forest.
Not sure what is 주목나무숲 though..
Due to the time constraint, I could only check out the green tea plantation...

Directions to 녹차밭 ^^

You won't get lost ^^

Pass by this eatery and you will reach the tea plantation.
I had my lunch in this eatery as well ^^

오모! Is this a mini cherry blossom tree?

By the roadside.

Wooohoooo....내가 간다!!
Here I come!

Still can't believe my long time wish has come true!
The tree in the middle of the field is so special. 

You will see pictures which are almost similar.
난상관 없어. This is a tea plantation afterall!

I love the contours of a tea plantation ^^
Though I did not get to see the plantation in luscious green landsdcape,but I can imagine how lovely it would be in Summer!

400m to 바다전망대?  I can only understand the word "바다", which means sea.
Again, I did not check it out becos I need to get back to the bus terminal in time for Suncheonman Bay!

Its time to go for lunch.
안녕 Boseong Green Tea Plantation.



  1. Yes yes! Shd be even prettier now!

  2. Hi! I am back from my trip and I went to Boseong too! Sadly on a gloomy day after the rain! Anyway just to let you know that I only went to Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch and not YangTae cos of time constraint. It was lovely!

    1. Hihi! Wowww good times always passed by fast. So u managed to visit samyang ranch ^^ Nice place hor? Boseong shd be lovely at this time as well. Well nvrmd, at least u've been there! Right? Hahaha