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14th April 2013 - Another surprise

The bus departed from Namhae Bus Terminal at 3.15pm sharp and reached Jingyo Bus Terminal at 3.50pm.

진교버스터미널 Jingyo Bus Terminal is a very ulu aka deserted place...
*Took this picture before leaving the place 
No shop or eatery inside the bus terminal.  

Hmmm...The next bus to Suncheon is leaving at 4.40pm...
Well, this is still better than having to wait at Namhae Bus Terminal till 6pm.
There goes my plan to visit 오동도 Odongdo Island. 괜찮아.

Bus fare from Jingyo to Suncheon cost KRW3900.

배고파 I was so hungry but the place looked deserted to me. Couldn't find something that I wanted to eat, so I took a rest at this coffee shop opposite the bus terminal. To my surprise, they do not have any food on the menu. 배고파 ㅠㅠ

Got back to the bus terminal after I finished my drink. 

Here comes my bus back to Suncheon.
It arrived  at 4.50pm instead of 4.40pm and I had a little surprise as I got on the bus.
Any guess??

The bus driver told the boarding passengers something but I did not understand what he said. I only got to realise what he was saying when I got on the bus. There were 3 passengers sitting at the door way and 1 passenger sitting along this passageway. It looked like a common situation to them but not to me Hahahahahaa...

Why did they sell the tickets when the bus was already full? Then again, I don't mind having to stand becos I want to get back to Yeosu before it gets dark. Yeah, I chose to stand instead of sitting down on the passageway. Thankfully, it was not a long journey back to Suncheon. The bus reached Gwangyang Bus Terminal first before reaching Suncheon. It reached Gwangyang Bus Terminal at 5.13pm, where majority of the passengers got off. I thought I will have to stand all the way back to Suncheon.  Hahahaa

*Picture taken by S3

Oh, was that the airport bus stop?
It is somewhere located opposite Suncheon Station.

I got on the bus back to Yeocheon Bus Terminal at 5.53pm.  Passed by Suncheon Station.  It should take about 10 mins on foot between Suncheon Bus Terminal and Suncheon Station. There is a tourist information centre in front of the station.

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