Tuesday, 18 June 2013

13th April 2013 -- At 순천버스터미널 Suncheon Bus Terminal

Reached Boseong Bus Terminal at 12.45pm. The taxi uncle was very friendly.
Although it was another "Chicken and Duck" situation but we managed to understand each other ㅎㅎㅎ Not sure if I was looking at the correct timetable. I thought the next bus to 순천 Suncheon or even 여수 Yeosu will depart at 13:20 but the counter staff told me the next bus to Suncheon will depart at 13:12. Great!

This should be the corner at Boseong Bus Terminal to take the bus to the green tea plantation.

There was no clear indication of the destination on the bus but a kind 아저씨 directed me to the correct bus. The bus departed at 1.12pm sharp and reached Beolgyo Bus Terminal 벌교버스터미널 at 1.45pm. It did not stop for long. 2 mins perhaps??

Back at 순천버스터미널 Suncheon Bus Terminal but I can't remember what time I reached here.
Oh!! I saw Isaac sandwich here ^^

Taking note of the bus timetable to Namhae becos I will be making a trip to Namhae tomorrow * Super Excited

As usual, I will try to take pictures of the bus schedules. 

Woww...This outlet is big compared to the ones I saw in Seoul.
Next up is my trip to 순천만 Suncheonman Bay!!

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