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13th April 2013 - Taking bus number 67 to 순천만 Suncheonman

Finding my way to take bus no. 67 to 순천만 Suncheonman.
Find your way to the exit as directed by the arrow.

I think it should be gate 2. 

From gate 2, walk as directed by the arrows.

Follow the arrow.

Saw the bus stop?
This is the bus stop to take bus no. 67 to 순천만 Suncheonman.
It took about 3 mins from the bus terminal to reach here.

BBQ Chicken is behind the bus stop.

There is a bus stop opposite, which is also the bus stop where I got off for my returned trip. 
Name of the bus stop is "순천버스터미널 Suncheon Bus Terminal"

Errmmm....come up with this map based on my memory of the place.
Hope you don't mind.
The arrows show the route to the bus stop to take bus no. 67.
The bus stop opposite is where I alighted for my returned trip.

This screen shows the arrival time for the buses.
Bus no. 67 is arriving in 6 mins.

Here comes bus no. 67.
I boarded the bus at 2.35pm. I used my mybi card and the fare was KRW1000.
I think it will cost KRW1100 if you use cash. Correct me if I am wrong.
Most of the people waiting at the bus stop got onto this bus.
I think they were heading to the same destination as me ^^

Here we are. The bus journey from the bus terminal to reach Suncheonman bus stop took about 20 mins. The announcement for the current stop and next stop was made in both English and Korean. There was also a LED screen to display the time and stops. However, this screen will be right in front and you might not be able to see it when the bus gets too crowded. 

Saw a bus stop across the road.
This should be the bus stop to take bus no.67 for my returned trip. 

I simply follow the crowd!
No doubt Suncheonman is a very popular attraction but I did not expect to see a crowd here, since Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 will only commence a week later. There were so many people.....

Cross the road and head towards the direction of the mountains.

I was hoping to visit the nearby attractions if I can complete my visit to Suncheonman by 4pm. was my wishful thinking....

I am grateful to be able to visit this beautiful place in good weather  ^^

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