Monday, 10 June 2013

12th April 2013 - At 향일암 Hyangiram Hermitage

KRW2000 for entrance fees.

The beginning.
It is said that there are 291 steps to reach Hyangiram.
Are these part of the 291 steps?

No complaints at all becos I will miss all these steps when I go back to Spore.
Why? Becos steps and slopes reminds me of Korea..

More to go.
This is considered a relatively easy trail becos it is constructed with proper steps.

Korean colourful lanterns never fail to fascinate me ^^

Believe it a not.
I wanted to visit 향일암 Hyangiram Hermitage mainly becos of these two walls ㅎㅎㅎ
One have to pass through these two walls to reach the hermitage.
Yeah, seeing is believing.
I wanted to see and experience it for myself.
Fortunately, I was able to walk through with ease ㄱㄱㄱ


So is this the South sea?

I love the colours!

I took the hiking trail even though I was not sure where it will lead me to.

It feels so good to be here!

Wooooooo...will it drop???

The walking trail is made up of this slope.

A rather steep slope.

Waa so auspicious..
The water is very refreshing ^^

Simply walk downslope all the way...
Did I made the right decision to take the hiking trail??
Where is this trail leading to??

All the stalls, motels, minbak and restaurants are built along the slope.

Products sold were more or less the same.

It was nice to walk through the village.
A simple place and I like such places.

Ermmm..How do I get back to the bus stop that I got off just now?

A deserted corner of the village...

I saw a Korean couple ahead and I followed them Hahahaa

Oh!!  I am back at the beginning of the steps to 향일암 Hyangiram Hermitage ^^
Basically, the walking trail is just one simple trail.
One takes the slopes instead of the steps.

Making my way back to the bus stop.

Still feeling a bit regret that I did not check out 금오산 Geumosan. .

Hmmm...are these edible?  Looks like some kind of seaweeds to me.

오모!! Is that my bus??!!
I made a dash for it.


  1. Hi there! Stumbled upon your blog when I was researching about Busan =) Going there for the first time in Oct.

    I somehow see a slight reflection of myself by reading thru your blog...everyone kept saying that I'm going back to 'hometown' every year with my annual Korea trip since 3 years ago [& of course alot of them say that I'm crazy =P]. I guess my love for korea can only be shared with people of same thought =)
    Btw, nice blog you have here ^ ^

    1. Hihi. Omggg u are going back home!! *Envy*
      I'm always very happy when I hear people visiting our hometown Whahahaaa.
      Thanks for dropping by. Yep! U are right. Only people with the same passion for Korea can understand. Hahahaha. I am also planning my upcoming trip but this time, I wanna make sure it will be a leiiiiisurrreeee trip hahaha Its going to be difficult becos our hometown has so many interesting places, food etc waiting for us to check out!

    2. Don't need to be envy. I can see that you are in fact a more frequent traveler than me, mine is just an annual trip =) and it's always in I'm actually looking forward to plan for a spring trip for next year (keeping my fingers crossed) ^ ^
      Do u travel alone? Just wondering coz don't think I read anything about other travel companions in your post =)

    3. Yes! I enjoy travelling alone! More freedom and I dun need to worry if my companions are enjoying the trip as I am hahahahaa
      U shd go back to our hometown in Spring. Its so beautiful ^^ So far, I only go back during Spring and Autumn cos its more cooling and the scenery is awesome. Summer is so hot but shopping will be terrific during summer! I might go home in summer next year. Shall see how things go ^^

    4. I understand what u mean =) I've always wanted to take time to explore places that I'm more interested in but sometimes just worry that whoever travelling along is/are feeling bored. But i do get bored if I were to travel alone
      I'm definitely hoping for my spring getaway, want to shoot great scenery of blooming flowers and to have the opportunity to taste the fresh 딸기 ^ ^
      But I love autumn too! Tough choice, hehe..