Sunday, 2 June 2013

11th April 2013 - Quick Glimpse of 하고수동해수욕장 (I think)

The third and fourth attraction of the tour were, 하고수동해수욕장 Hagosudong beach 河高水洞海水浴場 and 서빈백사 (홍조단괴) Seobinbaeksa 西濱白沙 respectively. I did not get off the bus to check out these attractions becos I wanted to catch the ferry that departs at 4pm, so that I can catch the bus that departs at 4.25pm for Jeju Si.

A quick snap from the bus.

Sorry for the blur image...

I can't remember whether is this the third or fourth attraction but I think it should be the third attraction, 하고수동해수욕장 Hagosudong beach 河高水洞海水浴場. Please correct me if I am wrong.

A little regret that I did not managed to check out the two attractions.  
In a way, I felt better after I saw this guy standing in the cold ㄱㄱㄱ

I did not managed to snap a picture of the fourth attraction, 서빈백사 (홍조단괴) Seobinbaeksa 西濱白沙 but I remembered it was a beautiful beach with white sands.

Can you imagine how it will look like if this patch of green is filled with yellow rapeflowers instead?  I saw quite a few of such "yellow patches" when the tour bus drove out from the bus bay. They were so lovely that I forgot to take some pictures ㅠㅠ 

Time to go back to Jeju island.
Udo island is a very beautiful place which I did not expect.
You got to be here for yourself in order to feel the beauty of this island.
Many online reviews mentioned that Udo island is a beautiful island with nothing much to do. I comtemplated to check out the island since there was nothing much to do. Changed my mind after learning that 2013 Jeju Canola Flower Festival 제주 유채꽃잔치 will take place on Udo Island. Although the festival will only commence from 19 April till 21 April, I think I can still get to see some beautiful rapeflowers before the festival starts. Indeed, I am glad that I came to this island and hope to be back again one day ^^  Oh ya! Remember to get ready your ferry ticket at this point of time.

The ferry was jammed packed for the returned trip.
I thought there was some delay becos the ferry did not seem to be moving.
Before I knew it, everyone was getting ready to disembark the ferry ㄱㄱㄱ

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