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10 Oct 2012 - At Ginseng Farm/인삼캐기체험장

This was what I saw when I got off the shuttle bus.  I got on the bus at 12pm and reached here at 12.09pm.  There was no stops along the journey.  I asked the bus driver what time is the next shuttle bus.  He said 1.10pm, so that's exactly an hour interval. The red arrow is pointing to my destination. 

풍기 인삼 축제 Punggi Insam Festival - 인삼캐기체험장 Insam/Ginseng Digging Experience Centre.  인삼캐기체험장 again?  
Am I really going to a centre and not a farm??

What is this?  


Probably you can't see what I saw but I was so excited and even had the urge to get across the stream.  Its so near yet not within my reach ㅠㅠ

Yes!!!  I saw apple trees!!   Can I go over??

A very quiet place.

I like ^^

Here we are!  

I wonder what are they doing....

I have no idea what are they doing but it looks like registration. An 아줌마 ajumma who was working here thought that I was a school teacher with this group of young children. She realised I am a foreigner when I said, "아니오". Hahahaa...The kind 아줌마 pulled me to the registration counter to write my name and the country I am from. Till now, I am still curious about the need to register.   

At that point of time, I did not know what does 접수 means but I think it has something to do with registration.  Later on, I got to learn that it means reception.  After I am done with my registration, the 아줌마 took a basket, grabbed my hand and walked straight in. I knew the basket was to contain the ginseng which I was supposed to dig but I didn't have any opportunity to tell her that I did not come here to dig ginseng!  I came with the purpose to see a real ginseng farm and take lots of pictures.  Another reason why I did not want to dig ginseng was because I read from the Internet that admission into the farm is free but you will pay and bring back the ginseng which you have dug up.  I couldn't bring back the ginseng since I still have 9 days in Korea(Sobs....only 9 days left).

I finally got hold of my camera becos 아줌마 was holding tightly to my right hand!
She was so enthusiastic!  Hahahaa...

The 아줌마 wanted me to follow her into this place. I finally have the chance to tell her that I didn't want to dig ginseng. She looked puzzled, but smiled and walked into this place by herself. I felt apologetic towards her becos she took the trouble to walk me to this place.
I was surprised that she walked over the soil becos I thought ginseng was underneath the soil. Perhaps the ginseng in this area have already been dug up.

The kids were waiting eagerly for their turns to dig ginseng ^^

I was feeling very excited for her ㅋㅋㅋ

Initially, I was very impressed the moment when the ginseng was dug up from the soil.  However, subsequent digging made me feel that it looked too easy to dig a ginseng.  Did they made it this way so that it will be easier for the kids??  I don't know.
Years ago, I watched a travel program featuring ginseng and my impression of digging ginseng was not as easy as this.  I thought the leaves and branches should be attached to the roots?  Do correct me if I am wrong.  Come to think of it, was that why it was called an Experience Centre??  

아저씨 showing the little girl how to do it. 

The kids were very happy and excited with their ginseng. Some of the ginseng were even thrice the size of their palms! That's very big, right? I find it a bit unbelievable especially when it looked so easy to dig up the ginseng. 

What are they going to do with the leaves?

Are these ginseng dug by the kids?

Mission completed.  Getting ready to leave. 

Smiling ajumma ^^

Black shades

Blue shades...Any difference?  

Its also time for me to leave the place.  Although it looked too easy to dig a ginseng but I am happy to be here.  It has been a good learning experience for the kids and me as well.

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