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10 Oct 2012 - Walking from shuttle bus stop to Punggi Train Station

Got off the shuttle bus and walked towards Punggi Train Station.  Here's the map again if you have missed it earlier. It took about 10 mins from the ginseng market to reach the train station. Simply walk straight all the way.  

Pardon me for being ignorant. Initially, I thought this gentleman has a special liking for tigers. I learnt from Wikipedia that tiger is regarded as a guardian that drives away evil spirit and a sacred creature that brings good luck – the symbol of courage and absolute power in the Korean culture.

아저씨 is selling groundnuts. I am always curious what Koreans do with groundnuts because I don't often see groundnuts being used in Korean cooking.  Do they eat this from the shell or use them for cooking?

Passed by ginseng market.

Actually, I wasn't very sure where is the train station. Along the way, I asked for directions to Punggi train station 풍기역 to confirm that I am on the right track. You need not follow my picture for directions to the train station, just follow the map will do. 

Waaa....The structure of ginseng roots never fail to amaze me.

靈芝 Lingzhi?

White ginseng??
This is beautiful! Looks like a beautiful fairy! Hahaa
I didn't know there is white ginseng. Here's what I learnt from

White ginseng

White ginseng is fresh ginseng which has been dried without being heated. It is peeled and dried to reduce the water content to 12% or less. White ginseng air-dried in the sun may contain less of the therapeutic constituents. It is thought by some that enzymes contained in the root break down these constituents in the process of drying. Drying in the sun bleaches the root to a yellowish-white color.


This is like a mini market to me ^^

Huh?  Another ginseng market?  I didn't know there were two ginseng markets here. 

이게 뭐야?

I still don't understand why I didn't buy an apple that day.....

I didn't explore this ginseng market. 

인삼갈비탕 Ginseng Galbitang. Although I don't eat beef but I think its interesting to see how local specialty is used in cooking the common dishes.  There were other dishes on the menu.  I was not very hungry but I haven't had my lunch.  Should I eat here?   Actually, there were a number of eating places in Punggi but I was not really hungry.

Hmmm...the lady boss told me there were only three dishes at that moment. I think they contained beef, so I decided to skip lunch and save my stomach for a good dinner at 동인동 Dong In Dong(Sinsa) later on ^^  Come to think of it.  What did I had for breakfast??   Oh, I only had a garlic loaf!

풍기역!  I have reached Punggi Train Station ^^
The train station is just next to the ginseng market.

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