Monday, 19 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - On the way to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴

Looks like a menu to me.

Left the cable car station and on my way to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴.

Walking towards The Great Unification Buddha.

In my personal opinion, they have the best hiking outfits in this weather!

좋아  ^^

*Picture taken by S3

*Picture taken by S3

너무 예쁘다!

I was so attracted to the flower buds!  

May all enjoy their hikes and return safe and sound.

 Each carving seems to be telling a story.  Interesting.

Finding my way to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴.
A part of me was secretly hoping that I could hike up to Ulsanbawi...

I don't drink coffee but I was almost drawn into this cafe by the aromatic coffee smell! I could smell the aroma from far, and would have went in if I was not pressed for time. Yeah, I want to see if I could cover more than Geumganggul Cave.

There will be directional signs to guide you on the correct route.

Not long after, I came to this place where my walk in the forest commenced.  Hur Hur

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