Tuesday, 6 November 2012

10 Oct 2012 - A trail that led to surprises ^^

Making my way out of the farm or perhaps the Experience Centre...whatever.
I still have about 30 mins before the shuttle bus come along,
so I decided to explore the trail beside the farm.

They were actually very beautiful but I lacked the skill to capture its beauty..

오모! Apple trees!!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
They are really right in front of me and within reach!

Don't be mistaken. I did not pluck any apple ㅋㅋㅋ 
Am I trespassing???  There's nobody around. 

Ermm..the next few pictures are almost similar....BUT I loikeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Excited Excited Excited
Happy Happy Happy  ^^

I like being here.
Peaceful and beautiful.
 I wish life can be simpler and less dependent on technology...

I took my time to enjoy the surroundings as I walked back to take the shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus arrived at 1.09pm.  

The journey back to where I first board the shuttle bus seemed slightly longer. It was 1.22pm when I reached here. There was no stops in between. This is the traffic junction which I mentioned earlier on.  As you can see, the petrol station is diagonally across the road.  I'm not sure whether the shuttle bus stop will be at the same location every year.  You may want to ask around if you want.  

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