Sunday, 11 November 2012

11 Oct 2012 - Lunch at 설악산

Mr Charlie Kwak is the hotel manager of Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔. I emailed to him several times prior to my trip and he is always so friendly and helpful. Mr Kwak speaks and writes fluent English which made it easy for me to ask him questions about my trip to Seorakan.  I was surprised to see his surname when he first introduced himself.  He has the same surname, "Kwak" as my friend ^^  "Kwak" is a unique surname in Korea.  I checked in but did not went straight to my room on the third storey. I went to the Korean restaurant instead. 

I needed a bowl of hot piping soup to keep warm and ordered 송이된장찌개 Songi Doenjang jjigae.  

참 맛있다 ^^

Niceee!! 송이된장찌개 Songi Doenjang jjigae means pine mushrooms in soybean paste soup. Hmmm...there were few pieces of dried pollack in the soup which made me wonder if they have given me the wrong dish. There was another dish, 송이 황태해장국 Songi Hwangtae Haejangguk (Pine Mushroom Frozen-dried Pollack Soup) on the menu. It was just below 송이된장찌개 Songi Doenjang jjigae on the menu. Well, the food tasted great anyway. I felt a lot better after eating my lunch. The meal was KRW9000 after a 10% discount. Slightly costly to eat here but its ok. Hotel guests will need to furnish their room numbers to enjoy the 10% discount.

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