Wednesday, 14 November 2012

11 Oct 2012 - Trying to find a bus stop at Naksansa

I walked through the carpark and made my way down the slope.  I didn't came here by public bus and I did not see any bus stop near by, so I have no idea where's the nearest the bus stop.

Saw a beach as I walked down the slope.  What beach is this?  Naksan beach?

I was tempted to take a stroll by the beach but I didn't cos it was very cold..

Oh!  There's a horse carriage!  This reminds me of Jinhae ^^

I was lost and I did not know which direction to take.  I simply walk down the row of shops.  There should be a bus stop nearby but I did not see any. Maybe I did not notice...

All the shops were selling the same things, dried squids and other dried seafood. 

A peep at one of the back alleys.

해장국 Haejangguk was everywhere! I was hungry but I did not see what I wanted to eat. I did not want to eat 해장국 Haejangguk becos the broth is usually cooked using beef.  괜찮아요 I can still have my dinner when I get back to Seoraksan National Park.  Mr Kwak said the last order at the hotel Korean restaurant was 7pm(or 7.30pm).

I simply walked straight.

I tend to look up at the sky every now and then.  It has become a habit without me realising it..The sky is beautiful, isn't it?  I was lost but I was not really scared becos there were human beings around. Hahahaaa

I walked straight and saw a taxi stand across the road. I knew Express Bus Terminal is nearer to Naksansa as compared to the Intercity Bus Terminal.  Should I take the taxi back to Seoraksan National Park or to the Express Bus Terminal and catch bus no. 7-1 from there?   Let me try to look for the bus stop first.

I was lost and was distracted by these dried squids! Hahaha

I stumbled upon this place where it looked like a stop over for tour coaches. There were many shops and all of them were selling the same things ie dried seafood.

By the way, how do people eat such a big piece of dried fish?

Its time to continue my way to look for the bus stop...Omg where is the bus stop ㅠㅠ

It took me less than 10 mins to reach this place.
 Simply walk straight all the way from Naksansa carpark.

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