Sunday, 18 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - At Gwongeumseong 권금성

I have reached Gwongeumseong 권금성!

My heart stopped for a moment when I saw people standing or sitting by the edge of the mountain.. Ok fine, maybe I was being paranoid since I was afraid of heights. You may be careful with your steps but who knows, along came somebody who trip and knock you over. That would be a trip down to no return!  Scary...

I wanted to take a picture of what's down there but I dare not get close to the edge...

I saw many wives pulled back their husbands when the husbands attempted to go near the edge. 

I kept a distance from the edge.  My pictures look almost the same becos I took the pictures from the same position.  Hahahaaaa  

Stretched out my hand to take this picture.  

So many people!
All the more you should be careful when taking pictures at the edge of the mountain!


I was contemplating whether to go up the rocky summit cos it looked very steep to me.

*Picture taken with S3

Pretty steep here.

I decided not to climb up the rocky summit.  

*Picture taken with S3
Same position but the slope looks steeper in this picture.
Well, it was indeed steep.

In Korea, where there are stones, there will be "wish making pagodas".

안녕 권금성...


  1. hi, may i know what kind of attire did you had on when you went for the hike? i am from SG too and will be at seoraksan on 23 Oct to attempt an easy course. will normal sports sneakers, jeans and a pair of jacket be sufficient?

    1. Hi RK. Sorry for my late reply, Just got back last nite. Personally, sneaker is unable to allow me to walk more and I tend to get tired more easily. Jeans is a no no to me cos it kinda restrict my movements and I dun see people wearing jeans for hiking there. The Koreans wear track pants and in fact full hiking wear. For me, I usually wear shorts with tights, T shirt, windbreaker/hiking jacket and track shoes which has some cushion & grip support. The journey to the hiking track could be cold but the process of walking is enough to make me perspire. I usually take out my hiking jacket in the process of hiking.

      There were two occasions where my friends followed me for two hiking trails(not difficult ones). Their comments were they wore the wrong shoes and shouldn't wear jeans. One wore those adidas sneakers and the other two wore fashion sneakers. Wearing the right footwear is really important even though u intend to take the easy trails. My friends commented travelling around in Seoul is so much of walking and they want to wear track shoes the next time they travel to Seoul. Enjoy your trip ^^

  2. Hi i'm going to korea in late october. I'm just wondering is sneakers really not suitable to wear when visiting the fortress?

    1. Hihi. Personally, I won't recommend wearing sneakers for hiking.