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12 Oct 2012 - Somewhere around the cable car station

I have about an hour to spare before taking the cable car. Decided to check out the area around the cable car station. You may want to go to the toilet first becos the queue for the ladies is extremely long during the peak season. The queue was even much longer when I came back for my cable car ride. However, if you are not really 'urgent', there are also toilets when you reach the mountain top, just before you walk to Gwongeumseong Fortress 권금성. Once you reach the mountain top, you will have to take a 5-10 mins walk to reach Gwongeumseong. It is not a long walk but it takes longer to reach Gwongeumseong when there is a crowd.

Behind the cable car station.

A bit cold but great weather  ^^

My pictures for the day may bored you cos they are all about rocks, stones, mountains, trees and flowers but I love them all!

An eating place behind the cable car station but it was very quiet.

I crossed this bridge.

비룡폭포 Biryong Fall.  Not enough time for me to make a trip there.

I wonder will there be days where the water level rises and cover these stones, and how will it look like.. 

Ok, at least I can understand "Closed Area" and "出入禁止".  If not, the picture of the bear will give you an idea that you need to hold your steps at this point of time. However, I wonder if this warning is meant for the area behind the sign board or the area on my left.  I asked Mr Kwak if there are any animals in the mountains.  Mr Kwak laughed and told me there are only squirrels.  Hahahaa...he must have read my mind. I was a bit worried that I might encounter bears or some dangerous animals becos I saw pictures of bears on most of the signboards.  

On my left.
There wasn't any barricade to enclose the area, so maybe its fine to take this route..

On my right was an entrance towards a walking trail. looked safer and more interesting to take this route!

Hmmm...."No harmful" ??
From the Chinese words, I think what they meant was not to throw anything that can harm the environment. 

Woww...there are also meditation, reading and thinking area!  I wonder how the place looks like.  Due to time constraints, I didn't have a chance to go there. 

Waa...what are these??

A close up.
Is this a flower or a fruit??

Should be some kind of flowers I guess.

Skip this post if trees are not your cup of tea cos the rest of the pictures in this post are mainly on trees!

Refreshing for the eyes as well as the mind!

Not sure where this path will lead to but it was time to make my way back to the cable car station.

Pardon me for being ignorant.  I am curious about the reddish brown color on that mountain.  What makes it reddish brown?  Was it the foliage or....??

I got back at the cable car station at 10.08 am and they were already calling out to those who were holding the time slot for 10.15 am.  Caught a glimpse of the queue at the toilet. It was ridiculously long...

Announcement of the time to wait in the queue was made in Korean but you can look out for the time on the LED screen. 

A big contrast to yesterday's temperature.

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