Sunday, 18 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - A beautiful trail to Gwongeumseong Fortress 권금성

Woooohoooooo....Here comes my cable car! 

Lots of reflections for my pictures taken inside the cable car but I wanna capture this beautiful sight ^^  The temperature became warmer as it approached noon. Thankfully, I was wearing a light weight jacket and pants. I think wearing a T shirt and long pants will be the best!  It was quite warm inside the cable car and I saw several tourists wearing thick furry winter clothings  *sweat


Reached!!  It took less than 5 mins to reach the mountain top.

I was greeted by this beautiful view after getting out from the cable car platform.
행복해  ^^

This is my definition of AUTUMN  ^^

A trail that leads to Gwongeumseong Fortress 권금성.
I was very lucky to be able to take this picture becos the crowd was behind me!

Orange and yellow foliage!
Although I couldn't get to see the red foliage but I was already very happy ^^

Very crowded at 10.30am. 
I saw a lady wearing heels! 
The path along this fortress was a bit rocky but still manageable for heels.  
How is she going to walk on Gwongeumseong 권금성?

He was very happy  Hahahaaa

Beautiful scenery makes everyone happy ^^

Changing foliage  ^^

A bonus for me!

난 진짜 행복 했어 ^^
Although the red foliage appeared in small areas but I was really happy!

Excited to see what's lying ahead for me ^^

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