Tuesday, 13 November 2012

11 Oct 2012 - At Naksansa Temple 낙산사 (Part 2)

Finding my way to the big statue of Goddess of Mercy.

Haesugwaneumsang 해수관음상

너무 예쁘다!!

Pure and lovely.
White is my favourite colour ^^

These flowers grew beautifully by the roadside. The road is not a long road but I spent a long time taking pictures of these beautiful flowers.  You should skip this post if flowers are not your cup of tea  ㅎㅎㅎ

I can't believe I am really here! 
Yeah. Naksansa was one of the places on my priority list to visit ^^

Serenity fills my heart as I looked at the bodhisattva.
May love and light shine upon all beings.
May love and light shine upon every corner of the universe.

It doesn't matter which religion you are cos no religion teaches one to do bad.
Have faith in your religion and practise good without expecting anything in returns.

Its so nice to be here..

Guess what were they doing.
They were taking turns to dance the Gangnam Style 강남스타일!
I had a good time watching. What a group of fun loving Koreans ^^ 

This guy was singing his heart out as the lady took video clips of him.
So sweet and brave of him  ^^

Try throwing a coin into the lotus and make a wish.
May all good wishes come true. 

There were many students visiting the place and buying ice creams.  I told myself I must eat a lot of Korean ice cream in this trip but the weather was too cold for me to eat ice cream. I find it so amazing whenever I see people eating ice creams in such cold weather. 

Making my way back to the entrance.

Common sight in Korea ^^

Oh, what is this?  They looked like mini chillies to me ㅎㅎㅎ

Black bamboo!

Its hard to believe such a beautiful place was repeatedly reconstructed due to fires and the Korean war. 

안녕 낙산사 .  I am very grateful to be able to come here.

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