Tuesday, 27 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - Experiencing the 갯배

I boarded bus no. 7-1 at 10.08 am for Abai Village. This time, I noticed the bus passed by Dongbu Express Bus Terminal. It was 10.34 am then. I am not very sure but I think the bus to Seoraksan is across the road, ie opposite the bus terminal. It will take about 2 mins to reach the bus stop from the bus terminal.   
I didn't want to walk from the Intercity Bus Terminal to Abai Village becos I think there should be a bus stop nearer to the village.  Tried my luck by alighting at this bus stop,"갯배입구" becos 갯배 is also the name of the boat used to ferry people to and fro the village. 

Saw the bull after I got off the bus.

I used the bridge as a landmark to get to the village becos I think it is near the village. 

That's the bridge I mentioned.  Was it the Cheonghodaegyo bridge?

I knew I was at the right place when I saw this boat, Gaetbeh.
I got on the boat without making any payment.
He was the 아저씨 operating the boat.  
갯배, Gaetbeh is manually powered by a rope tow.
There are a few ways to get to Abai Village but I felt its a must to experience the Gaetbeh.

아저씨 urged all the guys to help.
Everyone was too shy to make the first move.  
This gentleman volunteered and the rest followed.

The ladies were eager to try pulling the rope tow.
Erhhh....I was busy taking pictures.

Watch your steps.

I paid my fare to this uncle after I got off the boat.
Guess how much was the fare?

It cost only KRW200!
That is about SGD 20cents!

It will take about 5 mins to cross the river using the Gaetbeh.

Past this bridge to get to Abai Village.

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