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11 Oct 2012 - Finding my way back to Seoraksan National Park

The main road is about 5 mins walk from the place where I mentioned it looked like a stop over for tour coaches.  I couldn't see any bus stop nearby, so I walked back to the taxi stand which I saw earlier on. Well, there should be a bus stop somewhere and I probably missed it..

This is what I saw after getting off the taxi. I took the taxi at 5.20pm for Express Bus Terminal. The taxi turned right to the main road and up the highway. I couldn't see any bus stop. Remember I mentioned about the red and white towers? Yeah, the taxi passed by the towers. Getting off at 외옹치Oeongchi would be nearer to Seoraksan National Park as compared to the Express Bus Terminal. There is also bus no.7-1 along the road. Eventually, I decided to proceed to Express Bus Terminal cos I didn't want to confuse the taxi driver. It took about 12 mins to reach Express Bus Terminal. Taxi fare was KRW10000. 

Is this the Express Bus Terminal?  It looks new.

I recognised the road taken by bus no.7-1.  Therefore, my mind was set on getting to the main road instead of checking for any nearby bus stops outside the terminal....I crossed the road from here.

I walked to the bus stop as directed by the arrows.

This is what I saw on my right.

Wow..What is this? 


해장국 Haejangguk seems to be everywhere!

Housing is in me hur hur 
Didn't expect to see this type of residential here.

I followed the flow of traffic. 

I reached this bus stop after walking about 10 mins.

So relief when I saw 7-1 설악산....
I got on bus no 7-1 at 5.55pm.  Again, I feel there should be a bus stop somewhere near the Express Bus terminal but I didn't keep a look out for it.

I reached Seoraksan bus stop at 6.15pm.  It was very dark when I reached here.  In fact it was much darker than what my picture has reflected.

It was pitch dark...much darker than what you saw from this picture.

I thought of eating at the hotel's Korean restaurant if the eating places outside the hotel were closed. Last order at the Korean restaurant is either 7pm or 7.30pm. I was glad these eating places were still open and decided to have my dinner here. It was super duper cold and nothing beats a bowl of piping hot soup on such a chilly night!

Food menu was in Korea.  I ordered 김치 칼국수 Kimchi Kalguksu and a hot beverage. 

This bowl of  김치 칼국수 Kimchi Kalguksu was like a gift from heaven to me.
The noodles was a bit soggy but I couldn't be more grateful to have this bowl of noodles.

Black sesame and soybean.  Heaven....
I felt like buying a few more cups of this beverage Hahahaaa

Back at my hotel room.
Prepared my bed but not sure whether I make it right ㅋㅋㅋ
I discovered that the corner near the TV set has WiFi reception!
Great!  I need not stay at the hotel lobby to reply messages to my friends!

I don't understand what was written here.
Forgive me if I did not follow your instructions.

Was surprised to see a hair band being provided.
 I thought that was a thoughtful gesture.
Toothpaste provided is the same as Seoul Green Residence.
I didn't use any of these though.

Its time for a hot bath. I think this is for body scrub and it was my first time to see a scrub been provided in a hotel room. I did not use it cos felt kinda uneasy when I think of how other people have used it before.  Anyway, I brought my own scrub.

I will bring my essential oil overseas if a bath tub is provided in the hotel room. Well, not everyone has the luxury to have a bath tub installed at HDB flats. Since I do not have a bath tub at home, I will do a foot or hand bath once a week.  Its good for health and I should do it more often but I am lazy  Hahahaa..

Lavendula Vera is a must for me.
Thanks to my friend whom I can trust to have fresh and good quality essential oil.
Good nite.  잘 자요 ^^

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