Thursday, 29 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - Back to Seoul from Sokcho

The bus set off at 1.30pm sharp. 

It took about 11 mins for the bus to reach this point. There was a toilet break at 2.33pm. The driver made an announcement in Korean and I did not understand what he said.  Many passengers went down to buy food and drinks.  The bus continued with the journey at 2.50pm.  Its nap nap time from here.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Reached Dong Seoul Bus terminal at 3.56pm. It was a Saturday, so I decided to proceed straight to Hongik Free Market instead of checking in to the hotel. At one station, I saw 4 girls entering the train carrying a box of cake each. They do not know each other. What surprised me was the poppers and sparklers on the boxes! In Singapore, our cakes do not come with poppers or sparklers but plastic knife, candles and birthday tag can be provided upon request.  On the other hand, what Jae said is true. I wouldn't like to have my cake sprinkled with a layer of ash from the sparklers.

The poppers may not be visible to you in this picture.

Can you see the sparklers and poppers?

By now, I recognised the route to the Free Market ^^

I didn't buy anything but it was an interesting place to check out.

This kiosk is not part of the free market but I bought some souvenirs from here during my last trip.  Surprisingly, the Korean lady who managed this kiosk remembered me! She gave me a big "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii" when she saw me.  *Touched

I bought these for my colleagues earlier this year. The Korean lady handmade them.  Actually, writing on rice grains is not uncommon but the Korean wordings make it special as a souvenir from Korea  ^^  If I did not remember wrongly, it cost KRW3000 per piece.

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