Thursday, 22 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - Up and down Geumganggul 금강굴

I love the greens!!

What a refreshing walk!
Its so nice to take a walk here.  Mr Kwak, how challenging can it get??
Ahhmmm...the "best" has yet to come...

Suddenly, I remembered that I left my camera's extra battery in the charger and forgotten to bring it out!  Arghhhh...My camera's battery was left with 50%, so I depended largely on my handphone to take pictures for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately, the battery for S3 tends to run low very fast.  Most of the pictures did not turn out well becos I had to take the pictures together with the handphone charger...

Due to my portable handphone charger, majority of my pictures for the day have a "frame" in it..

I thought they will grow from the branches above!
Never knew they could grow from the ground.

Past by some eating places.

The water is so clear!

Mr Kwak said a certain angle of this mountain looks like a face but I forgot to observe.

Did you saw any face??

I wonder who engraved those words on the rocks.. 

I better don't look down..

So I am at Biseondae.

Beware of falling rocks!

Directions to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴.

3.5 Km from here to Yangpok Shelter...
Errr...I think I better stick to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴.

Many Koreans used hiking sticks in their hiking trips. I think hiking sticks help a lot especially in rocky path where there are no railings to hold on. From the picture, it doesn't look too difficult to walk here. was really more challenging than Gatbawi.

Ever since my trip up Namsan Park to N'Seoul Tower last year, I told my friends that I could never forget the experience. However, after my hiking trip to Gatbawi, I told 필여 that I have totally forgotten how I made it to Namsan. Mr Kwak said hiking in Seoraksan will be more challenging than hiking at Gatbawi. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HE MEANT....
The higher I went, the tougher it gets. The route was rocky and steep. I stopped quite a few times to take a 2 mins rest.

The two guys in the picture were teachers.
They were here with their students who were way ahead of them.
The guy in red was panting hard and the students were cheering him on all the way. 

Only 0.2km to go...
I was constantly on the look out for the little cave up in the mountain top!

There it is!!
I saw the little cave!!  It looks very near!

Little cave here I come!  

Omgg...The little cave looks near but not that near.  It was not easy to go up the steps.  I stopped to take a rest here becos the view was simply AWESOME!! Heights is no longer an issue to me by now. I am more concerned whether the metal railings are strong and reliable.  Seriously, I was very worried that the railings would give way. Does the authority do any checks and maintenance?

Taking tiny mini steps to go forward the edge...
Yeah, I was so damn scared to go near the railings but I couldn't resist the view!
It was arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Magnificent!
I am afraid of heights and never like the idea of hiking.
Standing at a place of this height would be the last thing on my mind.
Yes. I am or I was really there.

Simply breathtaking!!!

How come the distance looks the same??!!  I felt I have never move a step nearer to my destination.

*Picture taken with S3


Continuing my journey to the little cave.

The height of each step makes it difficult to go up the mountain.
I think each step could be about 10 cm of height...

I have reached!!
I thank Buddha that I was able to reach here safely.
May all hikers come and return safe and sound.
May the metal railings and ladder be safe and strong for all to use. 

May all good wishes come true.

Looking out from the cave.

There were some hikers in the cave when I reached.  All of us smell the same. Very smelly!  Hahahaaa....anyway, hiking is a great workout.
I noticed there were two ladies taking care of the place.  They gave out free coffee to all hikers.  Do the ladies stay in this cave??  Otherwise, they will need to climb up and down the mountain everyday! Just a thought, how far do they need to travel to get to the nearest toilet?

Time to make my way down..
I didn't take note of the time taken to get here. 

I almost fainted becos I didn't realised it was so steep when I climbed up just now.
Chanting my prayers as I made my way down....
I will be more terrified if there were many people walking up and down this ladder at the same time.  

이게 뭐야?

Just as I was taking this picture, I heard a Korean uncle saying something in Korean but I only caught the word, "학생".  I looked around. There was nobody except for him, his friend and I. Oh! He was talking to me. I was flattered though 학생(Student) seems decades ago for me. Hahahahaa. I told him I am from Singapore and he looked surprised. 


A close up ^^

Back at Biseondae 비선대

Koreans can picnic anywhere!
I hope I will have a chance to do so one day ^^

*Picture taken by S3

*Picture taken by S3

I decided to go back to my hotel room to get the extra battery for my camera.


  1. the view is spectacular.....!!!!

  2. may i ask what kind of attire were you in in this hike? i'll be going o seoraksan on 23 Oct. it'll be my first time hiking up a mountain and i'm not sure if my normal sports sneakers, jeans and jacket will be appropriate. i intend to stick to the easiest course.