Sunday, 11 November 2012

11 Oct 2012 - Getting to Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔

I reached the park entrance or rather the carpark at 11.05am.  Mount Seorak was the final stop where everyone got off the bus.  There was a slight delay due to the traffic jam.  Follow the crowd to the park entrance to get your ticket.

There were many tour buses...

It was very cold but I was very happy to be here ^^
I have been looking forward to to Mount Seorak for a long time!

There were some eating outlets outside the park.

Simply follow the crowd.

This is my admission ticket into Seoraksan national park. I will be staying at Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔, which is also the only accommodation inside the park. I chose this hotel not becos I will be hiking a lot but becos I love being surrounded by the mountains and luscious green environment. Guests staying at this hotel need not pay admission fees to re-enter the park.

A great season for hiking!

I saw the famous bear statue of the park.

안녕!  I am really here!

I took the path on my right to get to the hotel.

The path on my left will lead to some eating places and the cable car station.


Just keep to my right and walk straight.

Ulsanbawi 울산바위 is 3.5km away from here....
By now, I can image how far and challenging it will be...
Ulsanbawi was not on my list to be conquered in this trip ㅋㅋㅋ 
By the way, my legs were still aching badly.

Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔 is located behind these eating outlets.

The arrow is pointing to the entrance to Seoraksan Tourist Hotel 설악산관광호텔. 

It is not difficult to locate the hotel and took me about 7 mins from the park entrance to reach here.

This is the hotel's Korean restaurant.  Hotel guests get to enjoy 10% discount for their meal here.  No Wifi is available in this restaurant.

This is the hotel's cafe, serving only western food.
I couldn't access to the wifi here although there was a sign stating Wifi is available.

Arghhh...agony cos I need to walk up a small slope to reach the hotel.
My poor aching legs...

Oh no...twice the agony...
Fortunately, I knew there were stairs so I brought my big haversack instead of my luggage.

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