Saturday, 17 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - Getting ready for a hiking day!

I woke up to such a beautiful sight  ^^
And yes, my legs felt so much better!

Going through the hiking route again.
I wouldn't be able to get to Ulsanbawi if I wanted to check out Yongpok Shelter. The big question is will I be able to get to Yongpok Shelter???  I have planned to hike to Biseondae 비선대 and Geumganggul 금강굴. Will I be able to make it to Heundeulbawi after hiking to Biseondae and Geumganggul??  The answer is probably not. Heundeulbawi is a balancing rock located on top of a larger rock. It can be moved with some effort. Many people tried to push it down but nobody succeed so far. 

After giving some thought, I decided to go for what I wanted to see ie the little cave up at Geumganggul. Don't underestimate this hiking route and the little cave. It was not an easy route at all!  I wanted to hike up to Geumganggul 금강굴 becos I always wonder how it feels like to be in a cave up the mountain.

I wanted to eat bread so I went to the hotel's western cafe for my breakfast. Its a bit expensive to eat here but the portion was pretty big.  Yup, a good breakfast before hiking!  Mr Kwak told me to bring some drinks and food if I wanted to hike to Yongpok Shelter becos there will not be any eating outlets after a certain point of the route.  Was it after Gwimyeonam that Mr Kwak has mentioned?  미안해요. 전 기억이 안나요. So sorry, I can't remember..

Enjoying my ham and cheese sandwich with tea ^^
I forgot how much it cost.  Hotel guests do not enjoy any discount here.

My first stop was to take the cable car up to Gwongeumseong 권금성.
It was a bright and sunny day. Not as cold as yesterday. 
I set off for the cable car station at 9.15am. 
It was about 5 mins walk from the hotel.

There was already a queue for the ticket.  You can only buy the ticket on the same day.

A foodcourt beside the ticket counter.

Adult ticket cost KRW9000 for a round trip.

Wow they even have a timetable to take cable car.  I think this is really necessary especially during peak periods.  It is quite easy to understand the timetable even if you do not understand Korean.  I think 운행시간표 refers to timetable. 매진 refers to sold out and 판매중 refers to tickets for sale/available.

I am not sure if you can indicate your preferred time to take the cable car but I was given the next available time slot which was 10.20 am. Decided to check out the vicinity since I have about an hour to go. 

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