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10 Oct 2012 - Locating free shuttle bus service to nearby ginseng farm

I couldn't find much online information about the location of the shuttle bus stop and whether is it still in operation. KTO(Singapore) was not sure but I was lucky to meet that young Korean lady. She told me the shuttle bus stop was somewhere around the building under construction as shown by the red arrow. I walked towards that direction. 

I walked straight and saw this petrol station.  Keep this petrol station in mind cos the shuttle bus stop was diagonally across the traffic junction.   

I crossed the road using the zebra crossing.  

At this point of time, I still have no idea where is the shuttle bus stop.
There is no sign of shuttle bus service along this road.
Could it be on the other road?? My gut feel told me it should be here...

I walked straight to see if there's any bus stop further down the road...
This was the building under construction.

Passed by here. fresh looking ^^

Hmm...doesn't seem to have any shuttle bus service on this side of the road...I asked a policeman but he had no idea...

I crossed the small road to see if there's any shuttle bus service.  
  I asked another policeman but he had no idea as well..

I couldn't find the bus stop but I still have mood to take pictures of these flowers ㅎㅎㅎ It was about 5 mins to 12pm.  The shuttle bus will come along anytime but where is the bus stop???

They are withering ㅜㅜ

Applause to him!  He was still very professional despite the numbers of audience ^^

I did not wondered far from the building under construction.  The red arrow is pointing to the building under construction.  The green arrow is pointing to the stall vendors.  
Suddenly, I saw this red bus turning into this road from the traffic junction.  A group of elderly folks got down the bus and a group of young school children accompanied by two teachers boarded the bus.  It didn't seemed like a tour bus to me.  Could this be the shuttle bus??  I checked the time.  It was 11.59am. The shuttle bus was supposed to arrive at 12pm.  There's a high possibility that this could be the shuttle bus!

I looked around for any temporary sign board on shuttle bus service but I couldn't find any.  This slip of notice is an alien to me but I got a feeling that this could be the shuttle bus. I just did a check on google and realised "인삼캐기체험장" means "Ginseng Digging Experience Centre". Experience Centre?? Is the translation correct?  Experience Centre sounds too technical. I don't want an experience centre. I want the ginseng farm!

Here comes the bus driver.  I asked him if this bus goes to 인삼 농장 Ginseng farm.  He smiled, nodded his head and gestured me to get on the bus.  *Pat on my shoulder

I finally managed to find the shuttle bus!!  Yippeee!! I was very happy and relieved becos I have been trying hard to find information about the shuttle bus service but the information was so limited.  Websites didn't state the bus schedule and where to take the shuttle bus.  I came to this ginseng festival with the hope to see a ginseng farm, and was mentally prepared to take a taxi to any nearby ginseng farms if the free shuttle bus is not in operation.  Bear in mind that the time interval for shuttle bus service is every hour. By the way, I think this free shuttle bus operates only during the ginseng festival. 

I knew exactly how it feels when the online information given is so limited or unclear. Things get tougher when the information is not valid in English or Mandarin. My descriptions to get to the shuttle bus stop could be vague, so I came out with this map based on what I can remember. I might have missed out the small roads but this is the general layout of the place. The yellow dotted line is my route to the shuttle bus stop. It took me about 7 mins from the ginseng market to reach the shuttle bus stop. 
Hmm...Still feeling a bit upset to misplace the brochure given by that Korean lady cos there's a map on it. If you can get to the petrol station and the bridge, you should be to locate the shuttle bus stop.

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