Saturday, 10 November 2012

10 Oct 2012 - Yummy dinner at 동인동 ^^

동인동, here I come!

Menu in Korean only. I can only understand a few of them ㅠㅠ 

1) 동인동찜갈비 - Dong In Dong braised beef
2) 버섯매운탕 - Mushroom soup
4) 동그랑땡 - Pork Patties 
5) 굴전 - Oysters Jeon (Oysters Pancake)
7) 두부전 - Du Bu Jeon (Toufu Pancake)
8) 술국...What type of 술국 is this?
11) 비빔밥 - Bibimbap

I love the Chinese version of 두부전 Du Bu Jeon and wonder how the Korean version taste like. I will definitely order 두부전 during my next visit here. Dong In Dong is well known for their braised beef and pork patties. I can't eat beef so I didn't order 동인동찜갈비 but a lot of guests ordered this signature dish.

I asked the lady boss whether the pork patties will be a lot for me. She shook her head and assured me its not a lot. I am not sure whether the pork patties came as a set with rice and banchan, so I asked her again in my very lousy Korean, "밥있습니까?". She nodded her head and replied,"예". Although the lady boss said the pork patties will not be a lot for me but I knew it will be a lot. I wanted rice whether a not it will be served as a set becos I was super hungry.  I needed some carbo badly!

I reached here before 6pm.  There were only two tables occupied.
I like this kind of simple eating places ^^

I'm not sure what does this mean but my guess is they are open until 10.30pm.  맞지??
Please correct me if I am wrong.

This is where they cook their jeon ^^

Ermmm....Kinda messy... Hahahaaa...Don't look. Just eat. 

This is their famous pork patties and OBVIOUSLY it was a LOT for one person...
The lady boss thought too highly of me. 老板娘太看得起我了 ㅋㅋㅋ
There were two sizes of pork patties on this plate.
Small pork patties and big pork patties.

I am always very happy whenever I see many banchan and a main dish ^^

Sesame leaves ie Perilla is commonly used in Korean cooking.  The ingredients for the small pork patties are the same as the big pork patties.  I think the only difference between the small and big pork patties lies in the sesame leaves used in the small pork patties which gave it a different flavour ^^   And was I too hungry or what??  I thought the rice was perfectly cooked and delicious.....!!!  Hahahaha

Strong pepper taste but its nice ^^

Brinjal/eggplant banchan.  This is not bad too. 

I could eat no more.... *Slurp
Total bill was KRW15000.  Maybe the rice and banchan was a separate set from the pork patties becos the menu reflects the pork patties cost KRW14000. It doesn't matter since its only a difference of KRW1000. I had a very satisfying dinner. Many thanks to Seouleats who introduced this place ^^ 

I didn't notice this place "Movie Parking" when I was walking towards 동인동 but it was just a few steps away from 동인동.  If you are coming from my directions, you will see "Movie Parking" before you see 동인동 Dong In Dong.  By the way, what is this "Movie Parking" about?

Oh there's a airport limousine bus stop here.  
I think its about 2 mins walk from Sinsa station, exit 6.
I decided to have an early rest that night because I will be heading to Sokcho early next morning.  
*Sigh..I wish I did not plan my trip to Sokcho on 11 Oct  ㅠㅠ

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