Sunday, 11 November 2012

11 Oct 2012 - Travelling to Sokcho from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

I made my peanut butter sandwich from the pantry. The itinerary for the day was a trip to Sokcho, where I will be staying there for 3 days 2 nites. I checked out Seoul Green Residence at 6.35am.  Left my big luggage there and brought a big haversack with me. I will be staying in Seoul Green Residence again when I returned to Seoul on 13 Oct. *Sleepy

I took the subway from Euljiro 1(il)-ga station instead of Myeongdong Station to Gangbyeon Station, exit 4 for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. I will need to make a transfer to line no.2 if I have taken the subway from Myeongdong station. Had to rush my way to catch the bus that departs at 7.20am becos I left the hotel late. Managed to reach Dong Seoul train station at 7.15am.  It was 7.18am when I bought the ticket.  Phew..
Actually, I hesitated to buy this ticket becos I was afraid that the bus will drive off before I reached the platform. I decided to take a risk! Hahahaa  Don't be like me.  Arrive earlier so that you can have time to go to the toilet as well.

State of mind  = Panic  = Crumpled ticket 

This bus to Sokcho was full!  I knew this was the hiking season but I didn't expect to see so many people. In fact, I felt 75% of the bus terminal was packed with hikers.  Everyone except me(of course) looked like seasonal hikers!  All geared up in their hiking wear, hats, backpacks and hiking sticks!  Fortunately, I brought my waterproof track pants and a light weight jacket  ㅋㅋㅋ
My seat was the last row, sandwiched between two guys. Its going to be a very uncomfortable 2 hours and 10 mins journey...Well, I should be grateful becos at least I was not given the middle seat of the last row.  Somebody arrived later than me and he got the middle seat.   

It was drizzling in Sokcho.  At about 9.05am, our bus reached a bus terminal but I couldn't see the name of the bus terminal.  A majority of the hikers and bikers got off the bus and the bus moved on after 5-10mins. I wondered where were they heading to. Yeah, autumn is a great season to hike.
That was the first stop made during the entire journey.  I changed to another seat since the bus was almost empty by then.  At about 9.12am, the bus driver said something in Korean and I only caught the word "오른쪽" which means right side.  I turned to my right and was so delighted to see this magnificent view right in front of my eyes.  This picture was poorly taken but the view was really breathtaking even though I was looking at it from the bus.   At about 9.23am, the bus stopped to let a passenger alight.  

I'm not sure whether I will be there but wait for me!!! 

It was only a slight drizzle but it was darn cold..
Staying in the bus terminal was better but I wanted to get to the hotel fast.

Taking pictures of bus schedule is important to me! ㅎㅎㅎ

Taking note of the bus schedule back to Dong Seoul. I hoped to catch the 12pm bus since my check out time on 13 Oct is 11am. 
Actually, I was planning to drop by Gangneung and Jeongdongjin after I checked out the hotel becos Gangneung and Jeongdongjin are not far from Sokcho. I changed my mind after day 1 in Sokcho. You will see why later.

If anyone needs to know...

Out from this doorway and turn right to get to the bus stop.

Very very very cold.....

Walk straight and you will see the bus stop as indicated by the arrow.  About 2 mins walk from the bus terminal exit/entrance.  

This is the bus stop to take bus no. 7-1 to 설악산 Seorakan.

Buses available at this bus stop.

There's a petrol station across the road. It became a landmark that I used for the next few days ㅋㅋㅋ

I think I paid cash KRW1100 for the bus fare.  

I can't wait to reach the mountain top!
*As though I was a seasonal hiker after just ONE trip up to a mountain called, Gatbawi waahahahaaaa


  1. Hi,

    Can I ask at which floor did you take the bus from dong seoul? (I read that there are 2 floors in dong seoul bus terminal) And did u alight at sokcho intercity bus terminal or sokcho express bus terminal?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      As soon as I enter the bus terminal from the main entrance, I saw the counters and just went up to any of the counters. Not sure whether if I did the right thing but so far so good ^^ This is the link to my previous experience

      I got off at Sokcho intercity bus terminal. I think if u board a bus from Express Bus terminal from Seoul than u will reach the Sokcho Express bus terminal(I think so)and I think the travelling time is longer.

  2. Hi I'll be heading to sokcho from seoul upon touch down so will be lugging big luggages. Would the express bus or intercity bus be more suitable for accommodating big luggages?
    Help appreciated :

    1. Hi sharon. Actually whenever I take bus to another province, I have no idea whether is that an express or intercity bus. I hardly or nvr see anyone with big luggages so far. Sorry. I can't be of much help.

  3. What's the difference of intercity and express bus? I can't read Hangul so how can I know where to get off the bus? And another question would be that I'll be going to Sokcho on 4/9 while Chuseok will be on 8/9. Will I be able to get tickets on site at the station? What do you think?

    1. Hihi. Recently, I asked KTO the same question for buying bus ticket from Seoul to towns outside of Seoul as well. Their reply was "You can purchase bus tickets in advance from the website (Korean website only) or by visiting the bus terminal and buying tickets directly for the ticket counter." I asked, "Any idea how many days in advance I can buy the tickets if I buy over the counter ? They replied, "Can't say for sure. Probably one month, but depends on the bus terminal's policy.
      You can contact the 1330 Travel Hotline and ask them to call the bus terminal for you
      You can call the 1330 Travel Hotline on your phone or via Skype
      Phone: +82-2-1330
      How to call using Skype:" I have never try buying bus ticket during holidays so usually I bought my bus tickets on the same day. I think if u are really travelling out of seoul by bus during chusoek, u may have to give yourself more time allowance especially for the return trip to Seoul due to the traffic condition. From Seoul to Sokcho bus terminals, it will be the last stop. Usually the bus driver will call out and everyone alight. Another way for me is to refer to time taken as stated online by websites/other bloggers. I think there are both buses fr Intercity & Express bus terminals travelling to Sokcho. I'm not sure whether is there any differences in fares but I think its the time taken. If u take a bus from Dong Seoul, u will reach Sokcho intercity bus terminal. If u take a bus from Express bus terminal from Seoul, u will reach Sokcho Express bus terminal. Usually the intercity & express bus terminals are not far away from each other, and as far as I remember, if u are travelling to Mt Sorak from the bus terminals in Sokcho, bus from Sokcho Intercity bus terminal will pass by Express Bus terminal. Which means Mt Sorak is slightly nearer to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal then Sokcho Intercity Bus terminal.

  4. What a coincidence hehe. I really appreciate your explanation though! Thank you Sharon! ^ ^