Sunday, 18 November 2012

12 Oct 2012 - Back to cable car station

Our little friend was well camouflaged among the dried leaves!

A canopy of orange maple leaves ^^

I went back to the cable car station and bought myself an ice cream ^^
Enjoying the view as I enjoyed my ice cream  Hur hur ice cream doesn't fit well in the picture...

It doesn't fit in here as well!!  Hahahaaa
미안 해요..

Omggg...I didn't realised it was SO HIGHHHH until I look at this picture.  

I heard somebody said the mountain at the left hand corner is 울산바위 Ulsanbawi. 

A close up of 울산바위 Ulsanbawi.
I hope to hike up Ulsanbawi if I have the opportunity to come to Seoraksan again  ^^

I saw the Great Unification Buddha ^^
I will pass by the buddha on my way to Geumganggul Cave 금강굴.

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