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10 Oct 2012 - Getting to Ginseng Market 인삼 시장

I crossed the road to get to the ginseng market.  The young Korean lady told me it will take about 5 mins to get there.


해장국??? I'm not sure but it looked like 해장국 to me  ㅎㅎㅎ old are they?

Passed by this piece of land...

Continue to walk straight..

Ginseng Market! I was very happy to locate it because I wanted to buy some ginseng for my mum. Saw the red arrow? I did not went around to compare prices, and bought a box of ginseng from this shop because the lady boss was so friendly and nice. Despite our language barrier, she tried her best to communicate with me. Ok, maybe she wanted business but I could feel her sincerity.

These are wet ginseng.  I told the lady boss I wanted to cook 탕 soup using ginseng.  She recommended the wet ginseng to me and I told her I will be taking the plane.  She knew what I wanted and showed me the dried ginseng.  

I was really tempted to buy these but I couldn't...

I bought this for mum.  Hmmm..actually its also for the whole family! Hahahaa cos she will cook delicious soup for us ^^  The lady boss actually suggested that I take red ginseng but mum is used to white ginseng.  Maybe I will buy red ginseng next time.

Ermmm...I don't understand but I guessed the "manufactured date" was 2009.  Or should I call that as the date of harvest??  I don't know. Date of expiry is 2020.  I paid KRW95000 for this and it contains 15 pieces of white ginseng. 

I asked 필여 for help cos her mum is an expert in this area ^^ I wanted to know if KRW95000 was reasonable a not. Her mum said it is a reasonable price if it weighs 300g. Great!
I saw this brand of ginseng in the duty free shop when I was at Incheon Airport. The weight is also 300g but I think it cost slightly more expensive. I couldn't remember the exact prices but its about USD$110 to USD$130. Perhaps its due to the size of the ginseng?  The advantage of buying from the duty free shop is English translation is available on the box.

Left the shop and walked around the place.  

The place was so quiet.  I thought it would be a very big place. 

Waaaa...well protected from rain and shine...
Saw this when I stepped out from the market.

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