Sunday, 25 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - 안녕 Seoraksan...

My daily dose of vitamins to stay healthy  ^^
I bought just enough for the trip.
 It saddened me as the tablets got lesser each day as it reminds me of the days left in Korea ㅠㅠ
The check out time was 11am.
Decided to get my breakfast at one of the eating places outside the hotel after I check out.

The queue was crazy!  What were they queuing for??  For the cable car ride???
It was a saturday morning 9.30am.  

Past by this exhibition just before I exit the park.
I went in to check it out.

Autumn bonsai??
귀엽지 ^^

This is unique to me.

He was cooking Ojingeo sundae.

Doesn't look too appetising..

There were already many Ojingeo sundae but he was cooking more. Why?
Maybe he wanted to be prepared for the crowd.
In my own opinion, it doesn't taste nice when left to cool for too long.

I ordered a row of Kimbap from this lady.  

Nice but didn't taste as yummy as the one given to me by that lady selling stockings at Euljiro 1(il)-ga subway station.

I walked to the bus stop for bus no.7-1.
You can see the time for first and last bus from this table.
There are only bus no. 7 and 7-1 serving the bus route to Seoraksan.

안녕 Seoraksan!  Hope to be back again!


  1. the squid sundae looks nice... it's just stuffed wit vege n rice ? omg the q is so long n steep staircase so scary :P... i saw u going for spring 2013. where u planning to visit this time ? am going in spring too. it would be my 1st trip to S.Korea.

  2. Hi! U gonna love my second home hahahaa
    I think I only taste veggies and rice but I'm not too sure. Belum plan out my itinerary for Spring yet. Can only concentrate after I complete my updates on this recent trip! Hahahaa.