Thursday, 29 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - Dinner at 명동 할머니국수 (Hongik)

Decided to have my dinner at 명동 할머니국수 Myeongdong Halmoni Kalguksu before checking in to Seoul Green Residence. They have an outlet at the Express Bus Terminal and I had always wanted to try out the noodles there. Well, I didn't have the chance until now.

I always thought Halmoni Kalguksu specialised in Kalguksu.
Never knew they served rice until I saw their menu.

I think I ordered 제육덮밥 (stir fried spicy pork rice).
There's English menu with pictures available.

To my surprise, a complimentary bowl of Kalguksu was served. 
I think it was one of their Kalguksu, 두부국수 Dubu Guksu (Toufu Noodle soup).
A small portion but it was light and tasty ^^
It was a good strategy to promote their noodles, 그렇죠?

Its a little spicy for me but its YUMMY  ^^
A cheap and satisfying meal!

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