Friday, 9 November 2012

10 Oct 2012 - Locating 동인동 Dong In Dong for dinner

I reached Cheongnyangni station at about 4.50pm.

No. Don't exit the building.  
Cheongnyangni subway station is the same building as Cheongnyangni train station.

I must turn right after I came up and out from the platform.
This was where I tapped my T money to take the subway.  
Come to think of it, do I need to exit and enter again?

I realised ITX and subway trains shared the same platform.

The wordings on the LED screen were in Korean but announcements were made in both Korean and English. I don't remember hearing any music played to indicate the arrival of ITX.  Whereas, a short music will be played whenever a subway train is arriving.    

My first time for me to see ITX.  I was surprised to see a different type of train while waiting for the subway to Yongsan. I realised it was ITX when I saw the words "ITX Cheongchun".  Cool.  I read about ITX and knew that it has a double storey.  However, seeing it with my own eyes for the first time is different from reading about it many times. Hahaha 

ITX, see you again in a few days time ^^

5.08pm...I felt my hunger pangs at the thought of 동인동.. *drool

Actually, I don't understand this since 회기 Hoegi, 양원 Yangwon and 도농 Donong are all on the same line ie the Jungang line. 용산 Yongsan appeared in all the three rows. What does this mean??
I am going to Sinsa for dinner at 동인동, so I must take the subway heading towards Yongsan and transfer to line 3 for Sinsa.  

도착 means arrival. 접근 means approaching.  회기도착?  Does it means subway coming from 회기 Hoegi has arrived or does it means subway going to 회기 Hoegi has arrived??  Same goes for 양원도착 and 도농접근.  I also don't understand what does no. 8 and 6 mean.  ㅠㅠ 

회기 Hoegi, 양원 Yangwon and 도농 Donong are all on the same line ie the Jungang line.

I still don't understand what does no. 8 means.  Was that an important information??  I think the second sentence, "열차가 잠시후 도착합니다" means the next train will be arriving shortly.  Hmmm...I guessed the first sentence means something like," This is the train heading for Yongsan"?   So what does no. 8 means in this sentence??  

Heck.  Just take the train.

I transfer at Oksu station train heading towards Suseo station.

Took subway line no. 3 to Sinsa station.

This was what I saw when I got out from Sinsa station, exit 6.  Walk straight.

Passed by Cafe Droptop.

Walk straight about 3 mins from Sinsa, exit 6, and you will see Beansbins Coffee. 
Walk straight for another minute and you will see a 7-11 as shown below.

Follow the red arrows as shown.  The green arrow is pointing to 7-11. 

Follow the red arrow.  Walk straight...

Walk straight..walk on..

Continue to walk straight. To tell you the truth, I wasn't very confident whether I was on the right track a not!  Hahahaaa...

Saw that??  Its 동인동 Dong In Dong!!
I couldn't beieve my eyes.  I really found it!
Actually, I didn't have confidence to locate it but it was really not difficult to find it.
Took me less than 10 mins from Sinsa station, exit 6 to reach here.

Heheeee...smiling with happiness and a sense of achievement! Hahahahaa

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