Wednesday 28 November 2012

13 Oct 2012 - Wondering around Abai Village

I have been looking forward to visit Abai Village and I am finally here ^^

Abai Village appears as one of the filming location in the drama "Autumn in My Heart 가을동화".  I didn't really watch this drama becos its a sad drama. I don't like to watch sad drama becos I couldn't stop crying.  송승헌 is one of my favourite Korean actor but he was not the reason why I wanted to visit this place. I came here becos it looks like simple and quiet place to me.

I knew Abai sundae and Hamheung Naengmyeon (cold noodles) are two popular dishes in Abai Village but I saw many eating places selling Sundaeguk 순대국 and Saengseon Gui 생선구이. I am not sure what is Saengseon Gui but I think its a kind of fish.  I wanted to try Sundaeguk but hesitated as I am not sure if it contains beef.

The food sold were pretty much the same.

I was suprised to see a few cafes here.

Ermm...The rubbish dump seems to spoil my impression of the Cheonghodaegyo bridge.

Abai Village is much smaller than I thought.  I came to this place located at the back of the village, where it led me to a  beach.

The beach looks clean and nice.

Was that the red and white towers that I saw from the bus?  

I walked back to the village.

This is probably one of the prettiest staircase that I ever saw.
Yeah, I tried my best not to step on these pretty leaves. 

A pumpkin growing out of nowhere, or somebody placed it there??

Very quiet place.
An old lady came out from her house and asked me if I am from Seoul. 
She looked surprised when I told her I am from Singapore.
Saw this under the bridge.
Was it there to promote a festival or culture?

Back to the river side to take the Gaetbeh.
This time, I paid the fare before I got on the boat.

The same 아저씨 calling out to all the guys to help him.

I wanted to try but I didn't.  
Regretted that I didn't tried pulling the rope tow...
Nobody went forward except these two girls. 
아저씨 asked a guy to help but things didn't work out and a nasty argument broke out.
Fortunately, they didn't end up fighting.

*Come on. Give the poor 아저씨 a break.  He was just trying his best to make a living.

I still don't understand why Koreans like to dye the furs of their pet dogs.

Got off the boat and  walked back to the main road.
Sokcho Jungang Market across the road but I didn't went over to check it out.

Still walking along the same road.

조인성 ^^
Nothing interesting along the main road so I turned right from here to check out the alleys.

I think doggie looks prettier without dying its furs..

Well, nothing much to see. I walked back to the main road to take bus no. 7-1 to the bus terminal.  Actually, the bus terminal is not too far away. I thought I looked very much like a tourist with my big haversack and camera but I still encounter drivers and some passers-by asking me for directions.  I am really sorry that I couldn't help you at all...
Argghhhh...How I wish I can speak Korean!!

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